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Building up our family community is our priority. Through teachings and our variety of Christ-based shows, we encourage the body and instruct our children to live a life led by the Holy Spirit through Biblical teaching and authentic friendships

Discover an atmosphere of fellowship where men and women can lead and disciple their family in a manner worthy of His calling. We each play an important role within our family and community by wholeheartedly pursuing Jesus and His Word.

Connect, study, and apply God’s teachings to be transformed by the renewing of your mind, and through the heart-connection of fellowship when you join with more Christ Followers.

Pastor's Word

Welcome to the His Glory Family! From East to West, North to South, His Glory is spreading the Word of God to the nations, and restoring freedom to We the People.

His Glory brings Biblical teachings and supports those on the frontline of current and Spiritual events to Christ followers around the world, and to patriots who stand for truth, freedom, and justice.

Through our daily programs on His Glory TV, our Biblical teachings, and through freedom-inspired events, our ministry and our partners aspire to deliver the news, stories, and interviews that address and combat spiritual forces that seek to displace our God-given authority that is rightfully ours as children of the Most High God.

Our mission is simple: Feed and equip those who seek to bring light into a dark world, and provide for the elderly and the poor around the globe with Bibles, food, and clothing.

I hope these words encourage you stand firm, and to know that there are many in the Kingdom who are praying fervently and taking action to spread the Gospel truth of the Kingdom to this nation and to the world.
God’s got this, and light wins.

HIS GLORY was born to give people

a future and a hope
Jer 29:11

See What God Can Do

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All donations and gifts are 100% tax-deductible and support spreading the testimony of hope and redemption through our Savior Christ Jesus.

We all at HIS GLORY work for The MOST HIGH through our donation of time.

HIS GLORY was born to give people
“a future and a hope”. Jer 29:11.

Our Programs

A Window into the Supernatural

Take Five

Sunday Service

Grace and Glory

The Word Was God

Word of His Glory

HIS GLORY Brings you the Bible in the New Testament and Old Testament in a word for word teaching. HIS Glory also gives Bible specific teachings from Life and the Biblen

Get your favorite HIS GLORY programs here. Take 5, Simple as a Child, A Window to the Super Natural, Macaroni Bear, Sunday Service and more

Get caught up to date on all HIS GLORY programing and events.

His Glory Family Partners

Why People Come

Anna Green

Anyone who doesn’t feel good about themselfes and those who got lost in life should come meet us at our church – we know what it’s like to be where you are, and we will show you the power of His Word.

Anna Green

Nick Johnson

I know I am not alone in the universe. I was so lucky and blessed to meet all the wonderful people who are now my friends, and it all happened because of your church. Thank you all for being there for me.

Nick Johnson

Emily Walsh

I am really grateful to this church for the support that I have received when my family needed a prayer and a hand of a friend. We found God, and He is powerful. I encourage you to join our community!

Emily Walsh

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      Thank You to all those who support His Glory.  We appreciate all Your time effort generosity and good will.

      We send blessings to all our His Glory Family.

      Thank You,
      Pastor Dave
      His Glory Team

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