Youth Revival Continues Strong Year After Asbury: Over 50K Fill Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta

Youth Revival Continues Strong Year After Asbury: Over 50K Fill Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta

Another indication a revival is happening among America’s youth took place at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta earlier this month when over 50,000 gathered to worship God.

Passion 2024 conference was hosted by Atlanta’s Passion City Church, whose lead pastor is Louie Giglio.

“I think we’re definitely in a season of awakening. The Holy Spirit is stirring right now,” Giglio said in a video posted ahead of the event, which took place Jan. 3-5.

“If 50,000 students are going to come so that they can worship God and offer their lives to him, there’s an awakening happening in our generation,” he said.


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The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported that Passion 2024 — for 18 to 25 year-olds — was sold out.

Giglio and his wife Shelley Giglio hosted the first Passion conference in 1997.

In addition to Pastor Giglio, featured speakers included “Duck Dynasty” star and social media influencer Sadie Robertson Huff, Pastor Jonathan Pokluda and Pastor Levi Lusko, CBN News reported.

Further headlining the conference were worship music leaders Brandon Lake, Kari Jobe, Phil Wickam and Kristian Stanfill, among others.


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“Nothing you can do will ever be enough to get you to holy, holy, holy. Jesus did enough to bring you from death to life and into a relationship with a Holy God. It is not a system. It is a Savior,” Pastor Giglio told conference attendees.


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Robertson Huff reminded attendees that it’s actually in the tough times that God often manifests himself on their behalf the most.

“It’s not when things are good, perfect that proves that God is real. It’s normally in the hardships that the evidence of his faithfulness becomes so real to you,” the 26-year-old said.


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Last February, a spontaneous revival broke out at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky.

Tens of thousands traveled to the Methodist college to experience God during a chapel service that went 24 hours a day for nearly two-straight weeks.

Since that time other mass church meetings have occurred on other university campuses.

Michael Maiden, lead pastor of Church for the Nations in Phoenix, likened what’s happening now spiritually in the country to popping popcorn.

“Whenever you start popcorn or start heating it, nothing happens. Then all of a sudden a kernel pops, then another one, then a bunch. It’s like a multiplying factor takes over, and before you know it the whole bag is ready to be eaten,” he recently told The Western Journal.

“I see the first kernels of revival happening — the popping,” Maiden observed, also pointing to Asbury and what’s happening on other college campuses.

“There are measurable signs in the culture,” he added. “Not of a broad, complete revival, but the beginning kernels popping or … the first waves of something good happening.

“So I’ve 1,000 percent confidence that the greatest spiritual awakening in our country’s history is in its beginning stage and these next years we’re going to see it,” Maiden said.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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