X Users Spot a Telling Problem with Hillary Clinton’s Attempt to Support Joe Biden

X Users Spot a Telling Problem with Hillary Clinton’s Attempt to Support Joe Biden

It’s generally considered a social faux pas to ask for someone’s opinion, and then ignore them when they try to give it.

Hillary Clinton, however, seems to have missed that particular lesson on social etiquette.

While trying to drum up support for President Joe Biden’s flagging and uninspiring campaign, Clinton took to the social platform X with a lengthy caption on a picture of herself and Joe Biden.

In that caption, she contended, “When you’re lucky to live into your seventies or eighties, the difference of a few years doesn’t matter all that much. Joe Biden and Donald Trump are effectively the same age. Let’s use that as a baseline.”

Most would say it does when one candidate is still mentally lucid and the other can barely remember his name, but go on.

She continued, “So this week, it’s become clear the choice for this November is between one of the most effective presidents of our lifetimes, in Joe Biden… or someone who tried to overthrow our democracy, has been indicted 91 times, and says he wants to be a ‘day one’ dictator if elected again.”

Finally, she ended her endorsement by asking, “I’m choosing Biden. How about you?”

There’s just one little issue with her question.

As other users on X were quick to point out, as soon as Clinton asked the question, she turned off replies to her tweet.

As journalist Glenn Greenwald said, “It’s so funny how Hillary pretends to seek a populist two-way conversation — tell me what do you guys think? your opinion is valid, too! — while blocking everyone from replying.”

Other users agreed.

Of course, this slimy move is typical of Clinton’s modus operandi: Pretend to care, then ignore or disregard contrary opinions if someone dares to bring them up.

After all, this was a woman who failed to win against Donald Trump in 2016 when, despite his immense popular support, many people considered him a joke and thought a Clinton win was inevitable.

Clinton has been deeply unlikable since her time as first lady, regarding ordinary Americans with barely disguised contempt (remember when she referred to middle Americans as “deplorables”?).

She clearly doesn’t care what we think, and her disabling replies to her disingenuous question only reinforces that perception among voters.

What Clinton has been incapable of understanding since her earliest presidential campaigns is, if you want to succeed in winning the large swath of average Americans, you need to at least convincingly pretend to care, at least make the appearance of listening to people’s concerns.

Even her husband understood that much.

Moreover, in today’s political climate, actions speak much louder than words.

And unfortunately for Clinton, her actions say far more than her words ever did.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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