WWE Champion Collapses in Ring After Winning Title Match and Is Reportedly Hospitalized, But Fans Are Split on What Really Happened

Drama extended after the match at Tuesday night’s WWE NXT Roadblock event, but it left some fans wondering if it was all part of the show. Roxanne Perez held on against Meiko Satomura to keep her women’s championship. After she was declared the winner, Perez tumbled down and appeared to faint, according to Fox News. Fox noted that Satomura had landed a number of headshots against Perez during the match.
Satomura called for help to assist Perez. NXT commentator Booker T and NXT senior vice president of talent development and creative Shawn Michaels both checked on her. She was loaded onto a stretcher and taken away in an ambulance. “Roxanne Perez will be kept overnight in the hospital for observation and continued testing,” WWE NXT tweeted. Twitter was replete with concern, with a few questions. For the initiated, “a work” is WWE fan slang for something that is fake. However, one fan with a memory noted that during his career, Michaels was also once part of a storyline that featured a faint. Over at WrestlingInc, Sean Neumann wrote that the collapse was part of a “storyline with vignettes showing Perez enduring weeks of exhaustive workouts in preparation for the Satomura bout that appears to have caught up with her.” Perez, whose actual name is Carla Gonzalez, took the NXT Women’s Championship originally from Mandy Rose and has defended it against Gigi Dolan and Satomura, according to Fox. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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