Writer Posts Video of Beautiful Electric Cars, Then Viewers Realize They’re Stuck in an EV Nightmare

As part of their push for so-called “green energy,” the Biden administration and the rest of the Democratic Party have been pushing electric cars aggressively in recent months. However, the left has been ignoring the many problems that come with transitioning to electric vehicles too quickly. On Saturday, Lauren Fix of Car Coach Reports shared a video of more than a dozen electric vehicles in line at what looked like a toll booth. However, as the video panned, it became clear the cars were not waiting to pass through a toll booth at all. Instead, the vehicles were in line waiting for charging stations. According to Tesla’s website, the fastest charging option for Tesla vehicles is a Tesla supercharger. This appeared to be the type of chargers seen in Fix’s video. These chargers can charge the vehicles up to 200 miles of range in 15 minutes. While that seems reasonably fast, it is much longer than it takes to fill up a car with gas. Assuming there were about 20 vehicles waiting in line in the above video, the last car in line would have to wait five hours for each car in front of it to be charged. And that is just the fastest option. There are only 35,000 superchargers currently available globally at this time, Tesla said on its website. Meanwhile, the American Petroleum Institute reported there are over 145,000 gas stations in the United States alone. The relatively low number of superchargers is a main reason for the long lines electric car owners are forced to endure. If they are on the road away from home, they have no choice but to wait in these lines, no matter how long it takes. In March, a Texas woman named Candace London Metz filmed a similar video of electric vehicles waiting to be charged, KTAL-TV reported. Metz said she spoke to one woman in line who said it usually takes about 30 minutes to charge her vehicle. However, she said the chargers were taking about an hour to charge vehicles because they were overworked. These are just two examples of a massive problem with electric vehicles in the United States, and it is not the only issue plaguing the EV industry. In addition to charging woes, electric vehicle fires have proven to be extremely dangerous. An example of this fact happened in June, a Tesla that had been sitting at a wrecking yard in Sacramento, California, for three weeks burst into flames. Firefighters attempted to put out the fire, but it continued reigniting in the battery compartment. Eventually, firefighters were forced to dig a pit for the car and fill it with water to extinguish the flame. There is nothing inherently wrong with electric vehicles, and there may come a time when the United States is ready to transition to them full-time. With that said, the infrastructure to support this shift needs to be put in place first. By pushing a shift to electric vehicles before taking the necessary steps to prepare for it, Biden is just causing more problems for the country. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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