Woman Says Massive Face Tattoo Was Done Against Her Will

A woman who says that she was given facial tattoos during a brutal assault and then subsequently tattooed two thirds of her face to cover it all up is now undergoing tattoo removal to finally get back to a normal life. Floridian Taylor White says that when she turned 21, a former boyfriend took her out to have her first legal drink, but the experience turned into a nightmare when she was taken to a hotel with the man’s friends and then passed out only to awaken to an attack that caused more than a decade of troubles in her life, the New York Post reported. She says that her boyfriend and his pals sexually assaulted her while she was out cold. But her life suffered yet another tailspin after she went to a mirror to see why her face was aching. There in the mirror, White said she found that the men had used a tattoo gun and inked obscene words on her face. Shocked and horrified, she went to the tattoo parlor where she worked and her boss helped put heavy ink designs on her face to cover the disgusting words. Much to her dismay, that left her face blanketed in dark tattoo ink covering every inch of her face from her cheeks all the way to her hairline. From that time on, the now 37-year-old woman said that she has found it difficult to get a job — especially in the mental health industry where she feels she could serve as a victim’s advocate. And she has just completed a doctorate in psychology, so she feels highly qualified to begin a life in the mental health field. But she can’t find a boss who is willing to give her a chance. “I’ve tried applying for jobs in the mental health care field just as an advocate,” White said. “I understand that my appearance is quite different, and could maybe jar someone that has their own condition.” Finally, White is getting some help with her horrible situation as Karridy Askenasy, otherwise known as TheDadBot online, has reached out to a laser tattoo-removal company named Removery which has agreed to remove White’s facial tattoos for free. Normally, such a service would cost thousands and take years to achieve. And now, White is sharing her arduous journey with fans on her TikTok account where her long transformation will be chronicled. “It’s a gradual process, but one that yields permanent, life-changing results,” said Carmen VanderHeiden Brodie, the vice president of clinical operations at Removery.
@thedadbot It takes a Team! Go @💚Storm💚 ! Thank you @Removery Laser Tattoo Removal !! #bekind #mentalhealthawareness #tattoo #salvaginghumanity #fyp ♬ Emotional – Bang Nono
White is far from the first person with a heavily tattooed face to find that finding work is difficult. A French man named Anthony Loffredo has also found it difficult to maneuver through society after he covered his face in ink, then began chopping off other parts of his face to transform himself into a “black alien.” Loffredo admitted to his social media fans that life as a “black alien” isn’t all fun and games. “I can’t find a job, there’s lots of negative stuff,” he said on social media, according to Indy100, a publication associated with the U.K. Independent. “It could be positive because you feel better, but you have to know there’s also a dark side.” It is not a surprise that Loffredo can’t get a job. Along with the gallons of tattoo ink he has injected into his body, he has body modifications including a split tongue and implants to make him look like an alien creature. He’s also undergone two amputations so that his left hand more accurately resembles a claw, as well along with amputations and cuttings on his ears and his nose. A British mother named Melissa Sloan is also facing heavy societal pressure after covering her entire face in ink. Sloan is so addicted to tattoos that she has her ink applied at home “prison style” by her boyfriend, not in a professional tattoo parlor, the Daily Star reported. But her choice has caused serious repercussions in her life, so much so that she was forced to beg for a job cleaning toilets just to find work, and even they won’t hire her. “I can’t get a job,” she told the Daily Star. “They won’t have me. I applied for a job cleaning toilets where I live, and they won’t have me because of my tattoos.” She has also been banned from pubs, restaurants, and even her children’s schools. “I am banned from pubs in my area. I can’t get in because of my tattoos,” she admitted. Tattoo professionals have also refused to serve her because of her absurd obsession. Certainly adults who put great amounts of tattoos on their faces are perfectly welcome to do so if they fancy it. But they aren’t immune from the societal consequences of those actions, nor should they be. Aside from Miss White who was a victim of assault, all the others chose their fates. Now they have to live with the consequences This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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