Woman Charged Over $1,000 for a Subway Sandwich, Leaving Her Without Money for Groceries – Refund Has Yet to be Made

Woman Charged Over $1,000 for a Subway Sandwich, Leaving Her Without Money for Groceries – Refund Has Yet to be Made

An Ohio woman is struggling to survive financially after she ordered dinner at a Subway location last month and did not realize until later that she had been charged more than $1,000.

The expensive dinner was purchased at a Subway location that was in a gas station in Columbus, WSYX reported.

A woman named Letitia Bishop told the ABC affiliate she stopped at a Thornton’s station in the city on Jan. 5 and ordered dinner while she was there.

Per a receipt of the transaction that was viewed by the station, Bishop ordered three sandwiches for her and her family to eat and left.

Later, she discovered she had been charged $1,010 for a single sandwich.

Bishop said she went back to the Subway that overcharged her only to discover that it had closed without warning.

For nearly two months, Bishop said, she has been trying to recoup her money but with no luck.

She has reached out to the company directly but has been unable to speak to a human being.

“I talked to the Subway person in person, and just was trying to see what was going on, and to see if they can instantly credit me back,” she explained to WSYX.

Bishop added, “They told me I had to get hold of Subway [directly]. There’s no phone number that leads to a live person.”

Her bank has also not been able to assist her in getting a partial or full refund.

Bishop told WSYX, she is losing hope and struggling to survive.

“I’m just trying to make ends meet at this point,” she stated. “Stressed, overwhelmed — I couldn’t get groceries at one point because my account was negative.”

As for if she would ever willingly purchase a $1,000 sandwich, Bishop explained there would only be one such scenario.

“There’s no way, unless it’s wrapped in gold or from some other place,” she said. “I would never pay $1,010 for a Subway sandwich.”

Subway has not publicly commented on the controversy or explained what went wrong with the transaction.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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