Woke Women’s Soccer Supporters Throw Fit Over Another Team Sponsored By Credit Union Called ‘America First’

Woke Women’s Soccer Supporters Throw Fit Over Another Team Sponsored By Credit Union Called ‘America First’

Well, the Utah Royals jersey “controversy” has at least one thing going for it: It doesn’t involve Megan Rapinoe.

The Royals, for the unaware — and, given the state of women’s soccer in this country, I’m sure are very many of you — are one of the 14 teams that make up the National Women’s Soccer League, the top flight of the sport in the United States. While technically not an expansion team, the Royals haven’t played since 2019; the pandemic effectively put the team on ice and it’s only been resurrected for the 2024 season. Thus, there aren’t a whole lot of marquee players with the second iteration of the franchise.

However, despite being relative underdogs in the scheme of the NWSL, the Royals are already confounding their competitors. Not because of their superior play on the pitch or unsporting tactics, but because of the title sponsor on the front of their jerseys: America First Credit Union.

No, seriously.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, supporters for the Chicago Red Stars and North Carolina Courage, the Royals’ first two opponents, voiced displeasure with the sponsor, seeming to blame them for, um, white supremacy or something.

“While we support all the Utah players and their fans, we can’t stand by without mentioning the front of jersey sponsor, America First Credit Union, of our opponent — the Utah Royals,” read a statement from The Uproar, a supporter group for the Courage, before their March 22 matchup.

“The phrase ‘America First’ has a long history rooted in racism, fascism, and hateful ideology.”

Chicago Local 134, the supporter group for the Red Stars, echoed similar sentiments before the March 16 season opener.

“The history of the phrase ‘America First’ and the imagery used in the credit union’s logo is rooted in racist ideology [and] propaganda that harks back to the Nazis and the KKK,” the statement read.

“[S]occer is for all, and promoting an institution that is represented by racist propaganda is unacceptable.”

Both supporters’ groups thanked Diaspora United — which describes itself as “[a] soccer podcast that centers Black women in the global game” on its X profile — for calling attention to it.

Now, you may not be surprised to learn that America First Credit Union has been around for over 80 years and the Utah-based company didn’t pick the name out of white supremacist fervor. In a statement, the company said it changed its name to America First because of its work with the U.S. government and because it puts its customers first.


“America First Credit Union is dedicated to serving the financial needs of all individuals and communities within its field of membership. Its name and history are rooted in the credit union’s initial connection with the United States government, serving civilian federal employees working at American military bases, including Utah’s Fort Douglas, where the credit union was founded in 1939,” the company said in a statement.

“Throughout its 85-year history, America First Credit Union has worked to put the financial needs and interests of its members and community first — never losing sight of their founding principle of ‘people helping people.’”

The company added that the logo, which is supposed to be a stylized representation of a bald eagle, is “designed to look similar to the wings worn by many of the brave service men and women in our armed forces.”

But, of course, because the probable Republican presidential nominee who shall not be named has, on occasion, used the phrase “America first,” suddenly it’s toxic.

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox, however, was not impressed with the faux outcry.

“Just when you think this website can’t get any more ridiculous. (I had to double check if this was a parody account…sadly it is not),” the Republican said in response to The Uproar’s statement.

However, this does highlight an important fact: Support for women’s professional soccer has little to do with the quality of the game. It’s a political statement, much like (sadly) support for the U.S. Women’s National Team has also become a political statement. It’s just that the statement being made by NWSL fanatics is, as the America First Credit Union own-goal indicates, exponentially more stupid than that being made by Rapinoe-worshippers.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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