Woke Nightmare: Parents Simulate Sex With Cartoon Characters, Push Kids to Play Along in Public Party

Woke Nightmare: Parents Simulate Sex With Cartoon Characters, Push Kids to Play Along in Public Party

Is parental decorum dead?

Things got extremely out of hand and unprofessional at a New Orleans children’s birthday party when parents began to dance provocatively with costumed mascots of Toy Story‘s Woody and Jesse.

DeQuan’s Cartoon Mascots provided the cartoon character for the 2-year-old birthday boy’s party but didn’t appear to find any issues with the conduct of partygoers or employees.

The company posted multiple Facebook reels showing off the inappropriate behavior with captions like “He ain’t coming up off her.”

The most appalling part is this is far from a one-off incident. A quick scroll through their Facebook page reveals that somehow, at nearly every recent party —  all for young children — workers in costumes or adults at some point begin to dance  suggestively.

Despite their Facebook claiming they specialize “in kids parties of all ages,” the content they show is far from that.

There’s so much to unpack.

Of course, the company deserves no pleasantries when discussing their employees’ inappropriate behavior.

Not just allowing it but celebrating it is another level of wrong. A company that caters to young children by using cartoon mascots should not be allowing sexual content to be on display before children.

But frankly, far more disgusting than the actions of the company are the actions of the parents.

Any responsible parent who witnesses a costumed mascot begin to dance sexually would immediately stop it.

Instead, these parents revel in the perverseness of the acts, laughing and partaking in it themselves.

Children should not be exposed to sexual content — regardless of if it’s LGBT or traditional.

As Practo, an online doctor service, notes in an article, early exposure to sexual content can have immense negative effects on a child.

Untimely exposure to sexual content can cause emotion and self-worth issues that can last far past adolescence.

WARNING: The following video contains images that some viewers will find offensive

Cartoon characters dance suggestively at child’s birthday party

These parents are clearly unaware of just how badly they’re affecting — if not abusing — their children.

Unfortunately, it seems nobody is there to hold these people accountable.

When it’s OK to bring children to drag shows and teach them about gay copulation in kindergarten, sexual dances can seem tame in comparison.

This is what happens when the goalpost is moved farther and farther away from an honest, God-fearing society.

Things must change.

The Western Journal reached out for a comment but has received no response at the time of publishing.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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