Wikipedia Editors Rush to Document Journalists’ Twitter Suspensions, Give It a Scary New Name

On Thursday, Twitter suspended the accounts of several left-leaning journalists for allegedly violating its terms of service against doxxing. That event, if it can even be called that, has served as a catalyst for a tsunami of hand-wringing. Not to be left out, Wikipedia editor(s) quickly named the suspension as the “Thursday Night Massacre (Twitter).” That’s one scary name for a round of Twitter suspensions, which have since been lifted. “The people have spoken. Accounts who doxxed my location will have their suspension lifted now,” Musk tweeted Saturday. Thank goodness. Otherwise briefly-banned Countdown host Keith Olbermann would have to keep tweeting from his dog rescue and adoption account. The Twitter account New Pillows New Slippers, run by commentator Jack Posobiec, posted screen shots of the page. “Wikipedia is just a far-left blog,” Posobiec tweeted. Even Elon Musk took notice. “A two day suspension of maybe 7 accounts for doxxing got an actual Wikipedia page!?” he tweeted. “Wikipedia is controlled by the MSM journalists. Can’t trust that site anymore.” Coverage of the “event” has since been re-labeled to “December 15, 2022 Twitter Suspensions.” The Wikipedia-editing keyboard warriors weren’t even close to the only ones thinking the suspension of some left-leaning journalists was cataclysmic. Twitter account Duty to Warn, a self-described “association of mental health professionals warning NOW about TrumpISM,” which had more than 405,000 followers at the time this was written, compared the suspension to the Kristallnacht, the infamous 1938 Nazi attack on Jews. [firefly_poll] Yes, really. Libs of TikTok shared a screen shot of a Duty to Warn tweet, saying “This account is run by an ‘association of mental health proffesionals.’ They’re comparing democrat activists getting temporarily suspended for doxxing, to Kristallnacht. Unreal” “Last night, in a bloodbath, Twitter purged en masse mainstream journalists who cover Elon Musk,” the account tweeted according to the screenshot. “I’m reminded of Kristallnacht. Free speech was the second Big Lie. This is what bare knuckled fascism looks like.” That tweet has since been deleted. Musk replied to a thread that made reference to it with a pair of laughing emojis. Elon Musk may have found it funny, but while it’s certainly difficult to take it seriously, one has to earnestly wonder about any “association of mental health professionals” which compares a few Twitter suspensions to an antecedent of the Holocaust. It’s not pithy. It’s not profound. It’s disgusting. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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