Wife of 49ers Star Details Her Nightmare Experience at Eagles’ Stadium: ‘Never Again’

For the wife of one star of the San Francisco 49ers, one dose of Philadelphia Eagles fans was more than enough for a lifetime. Sydney Warner, the wife of 49ers linebacker Fred Warner, vented about Eagles fans in a video she posted on TikTok. The 49ers lost to the Eagles 31-7 in Sunday’s NFC Championship game. The former contestant on “The Bachelor,” who was Sydney Hightower back then, filmed herself musing about Philly fans while applying makeup. “I will probably never go back to that stadium, to be honest. I just, I guess you can just call me a wimp, but I couldn’t handle the fans,” she said. “I’m 100 percent down for riding for your team — like ‘Hurrah! Let’s go team!’ — but honestly, I just didn’t feel very safe,” she said. “Fred told me not to wear any red. I did end up wearing a red bag, but I had to end up hiding it underneath my jacket because people were doing the ‘f-you’s’ and the shoving and that whole thing. So, I definitely covered it.” She claimed her effort to blend in failed when she encountered a drunken fan. “But then I was at the concession stand, and this guy like saw it — and he was drunk, so I’ll give him that — but he got in my face, and this other Eagles fan saw it and was like, ‘Hey man, you got to chill out,’” she continued. Warner insisted she tried to show an impassive face at the game. “Their whole thing is like intimidation, so I try my best just to not let it get to me. Just like stay stone-faced and just walk and let them throw stuff at you and say all the things and just like get to where you’re going. Just like block it out,” she said. Leaving the game was among the worst of her experiences, she said. “We were leaving, and I wanted to leave before they let all of them out because they started, like, riots and like, all that. So I wanted to leave early, so we did, and then there was this tunnel you had to walk through, and you were just surrounded. So you had to walk through it, and they were all around you like heckling and yelling.” “The way they were just like ‘go home, go home’, but that’s fine when you get a ‘go home.’ I get it, but ‘I hope your plane crashes?’ I just … I’m all about passion, but never again,” she said. Not everyone agreed with her assessment of the fans. Jennifer Slay, the wife of cornerback Darius Slay, offered her opinion on Twitter, as did Rachol West-Chachere, the wife of Eagles practice squad safety Andre Chachere. Next stop for the Warners is Las Vegas, where the NFL’s Pro Bowl will be played on Sunday. Fred Warner was selected for his second Pro Bowl, according to the 49ers website. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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