White House Quietly Promises Hispanic Lawmakers It Will Keep Policy Fueling Border Crisis In Place: Report

White House Quietly Promises Hispanic Lawmakers It Will Keep Policy Fueling Border Crisis In Place: Report

The verdict is in: the Biden administration isn’t merely hopelessly incompetent; it hides behind its ineptitude to diabolically push the globalist agenda.

Officials in Biden’s progressive administration have assured Hispanic lawmakers they are pushing back against Republican plans to limit the administration’s ability to release migrants into the U.S. through the legal loophole of parole, according to Axios.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and White House chief of staff Jeff Zients reportedly conveyed the message over a Zoom call over the weekend.

According to the American Immigration Council, “The Immigration and Nationality Act authorizes the Secretary of Homeland Security to exercise discretion to temporarily allow certain noncitizens to physically enter or remain in the United States if they are applying for admission but do not have a legal basis for being admitted. DHS may only grant parole if the agency determines that there are urgent humanitarian or significant public benefit reasons for a person to be in the United States and that person merits a favorable exercise of discretion.”

To put it in plain language, DHS determines who is released into the country and for what reasons. Though speculation abounds, the reasons are believed to be to change the American demographic so it favors progressive politics and to destroy national identity to atomize citizens so they can be manipulated by the globalist agenda.

Mayorkas and Zients’ assurances about protecting parole to Hispanic lawmakers aren’t going to sit well with Republicans, according to Axios, and coupling additional aid to Ukraine with major changes to border policy complicates things. The Biden administration is keen on funding Ukraine. A border policy jam between Democrats and Republicans could jeopardize or postpone Ukraine funding.

Further complicating matters, some members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus are not too happy at being left out of border policy negotiations. “We hear a lot of what concessions are we giving to Republicans, when there is not really any ‘gets’ on our side,” Democrat Sen. Alex Padilla of California told Axios at a briefing.

“That’s not a negotiation. That’s a hostage-taking,” Bob Menendez, the Democrat Senator from New Jersey, told Axios. “And the question is how far you’re going to let them take you hostage.”

Biden officials reportedly told the senators they were not backing down on parole.

The Biden administration has exploited the use of parole to create legal pathways into the U.S. for “select nationalities” and to ease pressure on a swamped Border Patrol by releasing immigrants into communities.

The result? The Washington Examiner reported that on Monday, border officials set a new record for the highest number of illegal immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border in a single day, with 14,509 encounters.

As the political wrangling continues, the illegal immigrants keep pouring across the border.

The immigration parolees are not required to assimilate into the American way of life, because the Biden administration is out to destroy the concept of America. It’s obvious to anyone who has eyes to see.

That’s why GOP lawmakers are demanding that border officials be allowed to reject migrants at the border, according to Axios. The measure would be similar to the Trump administration’s Title 42 but, instead of being tied to COVID, it would be triggered when border crossings exceeded a yet-to-be-determined threshold.

“Vulnerable Democrats are urging Biden to do more to secure the border, but progressives and some members of the [Congressional Hispanic Caucus]  are warning the White House that harsher border policies could depress the president’s base,” Axios reported.

In a telling statement, the progressive senator from New Mexico, Ben Ray Lujan, said, “One of the untold stories of 2018 and 2020 is the number of Hispanic voters from [Michigan and Georgia] that pushed Democratic elected leaders over the top.”

Get it? Democrats believe all incoming Hispanic immigrants — legal and illegal — will eventually vote for them. The more the merrier. Open the floodgates. The plan could backfire, but progressives are betting it won’t.

If there is such a thing as diabolical incompetence, the dictionary definition would have a picture of Biden and Mayorkas next to it.  These are dangerously stupid men who somehow got into positions of power. They despise America and seek to destroy it.

God help us all.


This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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