The White House Posted a Phone Number for Biden, And It Wants You to Text Him

The White House Posted a Phone Number for Biden, And It Wants You to Text Him

When you are controversial and open yourself up for target practice on free forums like X or Reddit, you should go into it wearing a bulletproof vest. Undoubtedly, your critics will dominate the responses.

In the case of the White House inviting Americans to text President Joe Biden with a number provided through X? His administration might just consider tossing him back into the basement. There isn’t a vest safe enough or strong enough to protect him.

His failing policies and “America last” agenda have produced a lot of anger. It’s bubbling over actually. Americans will take as many opportunities as possible to express it — and a number to text makes it all too easy.

The White House entry states, “Just a reminder to text President Biden…. (302) 404-0880.”

So I did, as my curiosity got the better of me. The reply was nauseatingly childlike. It was, certainly, unbefitting of the president of the United States. In other words, it was rather consistent with Biden’s disappointing performance, record, and stature.

“Hey there, it’s President Biden. Thanks for reaching out – I’m excited to be connected. I’m giving out this number because I wanted a direct channel to communicate with folks like you. I’ll text here from time to time, and you should feel free to text me too. I won’t be able to reply to everything, but I’ll try my hardest. Click this link so I can read your message and reply to you.”

The only thing impressive about that explanation was that whoever wrote it captured Biden’s propensity to talk down to Americans. Well, that, and the fact that no one in the Biden administration even questioned how this stunt could go wrong.

I wonder how many Biden supporters actually believe that they now have direct access to the president? Conservatives and those no longer fans of the president already have his number well beyond the one the White House gave. Combined, many will use it to express their exasperation with current circumstances.

And there is plenty of reason for exasperation.

As a Bloomberg newsletter put it in October, “the US economy is breaking in plain sight. Only the savings cushion of the richest 20% are keeping it afloat. And if interest rates keep rising nearly every day, even that won’t be enough.”

What this means is that most U.S. households are running out of cash. This includes the cash they’ve socked away in their mattresses too, beyond simply their bank accounts.

Another sore spot is the southern border, which remains open and overflowing. According to the Washington Examiner, “More than 10 million people have been reported illegally entering the United States since President Joe Biden took office in January 2021, the greatest number in history and of any administration.”

These illegal immigrants have been transported to cities across the U.S., transforming parts of them into the Third World countries the illegal immigrants left. Homelessness, human trafficking, drug trafficking, violent crime and everything in between has made it unsafe for American families to live. And now some states are giving illegals guns and popping them into law enforcement positions despite that they remain illegal.

Taxpayers are no longer seeing anything beneficial at home for the taxes that they pay. What they do see instead is the color red as they hear Biden announce his support for another $200 million in aid to Ukraine. And if we speak out against such decisions, we become enemies of our own government. Yet, they still call this a free country.

Americans are no longer getting married or having babies at the rate they used to. And even if they did, young couples can’t afford homes to settle into … and maybe, never will. The nation is divided, depressed, lonelier than ever, and if you don’t know someone who is either obese or on medication, you probably don’t get out much.

The United States relies on China to manufacture pretty much everything while we suffocate ourselves under “green” initiatives that make no sense.

And the Middle East is on fire, compelling us to send what is left of our fighting strong to help while leaving our own country vulnerable. But Democrats want to get rid of the Americans’ guns.

The American people have a bevy of beefs to pick from, with more that I haven’t listed. Frankly, nothing is actually going right under the Biden administration.

We are living in an upside-down world currently, clinging to the distant memory of good times under former President Donald J. Trump as we drag ourselves towards 2024 and the next presidential election.

So I ask you, “What would you text Biden?”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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