White House Doctors Official Transcript to Cover for Biden’s ‘Cancer’ Announcement

If you pay any modicum of attention to the words spoken by the President of the United States, you may have gotten some startlingly good news on Tuesday — “We ended cancer as we know it!” President Joe Biden made those remarks during a Tuesday speech, and had those words been true, Americans may as well pencil in the octogenarian president for a second term. Curing cancer is quite the accomplishment. Or it would be. But those words weren’t true. At all. Cancer is still very much a raging scourge against humanity. However, don’t take this writer’s word for it (or heck, don’t even take the medical community’s word for it). Just look at Biden’s own words — this time handily doctored by whoever runs the White House’s transcripts: “‘If you could do anything at all, Joe, what would you do?’ I said, ‘I’d cure cancer.’ And they looked at me like, ‘Why cancer?’ Because no one thinks we can. That’s why. And we can. We can end cancer as we know it.” Now, Biden supporters may make the case that the incumbent president, being a ripe 80-years old, merely mixed up his words or stuttered. If you strain really hard, you can almost make out Biden attempting to throw in a “can” qualifier into his cancer cure proclamation. Look, whether or not you want to give the president the benefit of the doubt, there’s no inherent shame in aging. It quite literally happens to everyone, and for most people (well, okay, probably more for men), it’s a badge of honor. Perhaps if this Biden gaffe was an anomaly, you would chalk it up as a silly idiosyncrasy and move on with this presidency. But it’s not an anomaly. If anything, it’s alarmingly frequent. Not even counting the times that the White House has had to doctor transcripts for Vice President Kamala Harris, here’s just a small sampling of the egregious transcript alterations being made to pass Biden off as lucid and functional. (These are just from 2023.):
  • In February, Biden couldn’t pronounce basic names of American rivers. The doctored transcripts made it seem like he did.
  • In March, Biden bragged about taking guns “out of the hands of domestic political advisors.” The transcript claimed he meant to say “convicted domestic abusers”… which is a rather stark difference from “domestic political advisor.”
  • In April, Biden wasn’t aware that “All Blacks” was the actual name of a rugby team, and he called them “Blacks and Tans.”
  • In May, Biden referred to South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol as “President Loon.”
That’s four fairly significant gaffes in as many months — accompanied by four fairly significant alterations to the official White House transcripts. Again, any one of those incidents in a vacuum, and it’s probably hardly worth a mention. Collectively (and with signs that it’s only getting more and more frequent as Biden barrels towards a 2024 reelection bid)? It’s a harrowing glimpse into the lengths that Democrats will resort to for power. If they’re so willing and able to use smoke, mirrors and doctored White House transcripts to make the empty husk of a president seem far more lucid than he actually is, what won’t they do to secure the presidency next year? This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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