Welcome to the His Glory Kingdom Economy

Welcome to the His Glory Kingdom Economy

Join the Movement: Empower Your Values, Transform Your Shopping

In a world where every choice carries the weight of eternity, the His Glory Kingdom Economy emerges as a beacon of hope and action. We are more than a marketplace; we are a community of believers, patriots, and visionaries united by a common purpose: to reclaim the power of our everyday decisions in shaping a future that honors our faith, our families, and our freedom.

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Why Choose to Shop in the His Glory Kingdom Economy

Empower Your Values: We believe in the profound impact of aligning your spending with your values. By choosing to support businesses that share your beliefs, you’re not just making a purchase; you’re making a statement.

Shape the World: Redirect your spending away from large corporations that don’t align with your principles. Be the hero of your own story, defunding the swamp and refunding the kingdom, one purchase at a time.

Local Action, National Impact: Every dollar you spend is a vote for the kind of world you want to see. Avoid supporting those who don’t align with your values and instead, invest in businesses that do.

Real Followers of Jesus, Real Patriots: Join a community of individuals grounded in love of country, passion for freedom, and a heart of faith. We refuse to support an evil system and choose to fight back by supporting an alternative that champions American values, faith, and freedom.

The Seven Mountains of Influence: Our Blueprint for Transformation

Our mission extends beyond commerce, reaching into the very heart of society through the Seven Mountains of Influence. We believe that by engaging with these key areas, we can usher in a new era of Godly governance and divine prosperity:

1. Religion and Faith: Reviving the spiritual heartbeat of our communities.

2. Family: Strengthening the bonds that hold society together.

3. Education: Cultivating minds grounded in truth and wisdom.

4. Government and Law: Advocating for righteousness in leadership and legislation, following our constitution that our forefathers established.

5. Media: Shaping narratives that celebrate our values and virtues.

6. Arts and Entertainment: Inspiring beauty and truth through creativity.

7. Business and Economy: Fostering a marketplace where integrity, innovation, and stewardship flourish.

Your Impact: More Than Just Shopping

Vote with Your Dollars: Shift your spending from companies that don’t support your values to those that do. This bold move is a powerful statement about your expectations as a consumer.

Ditch the Woke, Support Freedom: Tired of political lectures from big box retailers? You’re not alone. There’s power in your wallet. Stop funding companies with alternative agendas and put purpose behind your purchase.

Be Part of Something Greater: Stand up for what you believe in. By swapping where you shop, you’re joining a movement dedicated to bringing manufacturing back to our country and supporting USA entrepreneurs.

Be the Change: How You Can Join

Explore: Dive into our curated selection of products and services that champion American values and craftsmanship.

Learn: Watch “The War Report” with Pastor Dave Scarlett and discover how patriots nationwide are making a difference.

Support: Choose products that not only meet your needs but also contribute to the revival of American manufacturing and entrepreneurship.

The His Glory Kingdom Economy Advantage

Your journey with the His Glory Kingdom Economy starts with a simple decision to test out our store. Discover the unmatched quality and value that align with your budget and values. As our network grows, so will your options to meet your needs and support a better future. Our products are designed to fit seamlessly into your life, offering superior quality at comparable, if not better, prices.

Your Role in His Glory Kingdom Economy

You are the catalyst for change. By aligning your purchases with your principles, you’re not just opting out of a system that conflicts with your beliefs—you’re stepping into a role of influence and leadership. Together, we can redirect the flow of prosperity to those who stand for what is right, true, and just.

Take Action Today

This is more than a marketplace; it’s a movement. A movement towards a future where our children inherit a nation that values faith over fear, freedom over conformity, and where the Kingdom of God is reflected not just in our churches, but in our businesses, schools, and governance.

The His Glory Kingdom Economy is your opportunity to take a stand and be part of a transformative movement. It’s not just about shopping; it’s about supporting a system that aligns with your deepest values and beliefs. Watch “the war report” hosted by Pastor Dave Scarlett and learn how patriots across the country are coming together to make a difference.

Will You Join US?

As Deuteronomy 28:13 reminds us, we are called to be “the head and not the tail.” It’s time to rise, to lead with conviction, and to shop with purpose. Together, we can forge a legacy of faith, freedom, and prosperity for generations to come.

This is your moment to fight back, to choose conviction over convenience, and to ensure your money is used well. Join thousands of His Glory warriors in the economic battle to support companies that uphold the patriotic and conservative values America was built on.

Together, Let’s Refund the Kingdom and Build a Better Future

Your choices have power. Embrace the His Glory Kingdom Economy and be part of a movement dedicated to refunding the Kingdom and creating a better future, one purchase at a time. Stand firm in your beliefs and join us in this noble cause.

His Glory Kingdom Economy: Where Your Purchase is Your Proclamation!

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