Watters: Pelosi Subpoena Is ‘Peculiar’ – What Is Nancy Hiding?

There are times when what’s not being said is more important than what is. Fox News host Jesse Watters believes this is one of those times. On Wednesday, in what Watters called a “peculiar” moment on the House floor, the House clerk read a statement from former Speaker Nancy Pelosi advising the lower chamber that she has been subpoenaed. The statement said the California Democrat has been served “third-party subpoenas from the prosecution and the defendant to produce documents in a criminal case in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.” Pelosi was not forthcoming about which case this may be. Many believe the subpoena is related to the trial of David DePape, who is accused of breaking into Pelosi’s San Francisco home and attacking her husband Paul Pelosi with a hammer in October 2022. But Watters is considering other options. “So Nancy Pelosi is being subpoenaed in a criminal case? What criminal case?” Watters began. [firefly_poll] “Could it be related to the hammer attack on her husband, Pauly P? ‘Cause that trial starts next week,” he pointed out. “Does it have something to do with her husband’s DUI?” Watters continued, referring to Paul Pelosi’s drunk driving conviction following a May 2022 car accident. “Or is there something behind door No. 3? Maybe a little insider trading? The son’s shady business dealings? We don’t know,” the host continued. “We asked Pelosi’s office to explain. They said, ‘No comment.’ “But subpoenas aren’t nothing, especially in a criminal case. It suggests there’s something Nancy does not want to hand over voluntarily. You don’t subpoena the willing.” Watters is right to be skeptical. Why would Nancy Pelosi need to be compelled to turn over information about the attack on her husband? Innocent victims usually want justice and do everything they can to cooperate with investigators. If Pelosi is withholding documents in the DePape case, it only serves to raise additional questions about an incident that was bizarre from the beginning — including what information Pelosi could possibly have related to her husband’s seemingly random attack. This isn’t to suggest that it was some plot she cooked up against her husband, or that it was an illicit tryst gone wrong (a popular theory in the immediate aftermath of the attack). It’s to point out that, as Watters noted, the subpoena may be related to another case altogether. That would be easy enough to convey to the public. Instead, Pelosi is allowing wild rumors to be spun all over social media. Whatever the case may be, the former speaker remains mum about it — and her silence speaks volumes.
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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