Watch: Young Ball Girl Turns in Fear During Tennis Pro’s ‘Disgusting’ Outburst in Australian Open

Watch: Young Ball Girl Turns in Fear During Tennis Pro’s ‘Disgusting’ Outburst in Australian Open

Russian tennis player Pavel Kotov was the talk of the tennis world Sunday, but not for his five-set victory over Arthur Rinderknech.

During one part of his first-round Australian Open match, as Kotov appeared upset with how the contest was going, he erupted on the court, according to the New York Post.

The Russian whacked a tennis ball against the wall behind him.

The tantrum stunned a ball girl who is shown on video at first appearing to be frozen by what was happening before she turned her face away in fear.

The ball struck the wall several feet away from the ball girl.

Kotov did not appear to notice the ball girl cowering in fear.

Video of the incident was soon everywhere, including the Wide World of Sports in Australia Instagram page. Fans on the page reacted to the tantrum.

“So where is the disciplinary action by match referee and tournament referee. He should have lost points and been fined plus had to publicly apologise. The standard you walk by is the one you accept. AO take action now!!!!!” one poster using the name susanweston5 wrote.

“As a parent of a ballkid I find it absolutely disgusting that he was not disqualified from the AO,’ one fan wrote on Instagram. ‘The ballkids are all volunteers and do not deserve to feel scared or threatened whilst they are on duty,” poster bellview_2021 wrote.

Tennis is a growing sport of spoilt brats that don’t know how to behave. Should be a crackdown of petulance and general lack of self control. Any sport where you act out like that, rugby, football, (team sports ) you are instantly penalised,” a poster using the name marc_zimbabwe wrote.

“Next time the poor ball girl has to give him back a ball … she should politely walk up and smash him in the face with her fist … sorry the ball,” poster adamson.g wrote.

The Daily Mail called the incident an “ugly act” while The Sun called it an “act of disgrace.”

The Post report said that if the girl was struck, Kotov could have been disqualified.

The victory advanced Kotov to the second round in the tournament.

“Hopefully, he’ll do a better job of managing his emotions moving forward in the tournament,” Andrew Holleran wrote on TheSpun.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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