Watch: Women Shriek in Celebration as ‘Right’ to Murder Their Own Children Is Voted Into Law

Watch: Women Shriek in Celebration as ‘Right’ to Murder Their Own Children Is Voted Into Law

On Tuesday, the people of Ohio — hardly a deep blue state — voted overwhelmingly in favor of constitutional protection for abortion.

Then, upon learning the result of the vote, a group of abortion advocates erupted in wild celebration.

The Associated Press posted a short video of the celebration late Tuesday on X.

In the video, Lauren Blauvelt of Planned Parenthood repeated lies that several generations of American women — and a good many American men — have absorbed and learned to believe.

“Abortion is health care!” Blauvelt exclaimed to loud applause.

“And abortion access is the law of the land in Ohio!” she added. That part at least, is now true.

Then came another lie.

“Tonight, Ohioans united for reproductive rights, passed Issue 1, and put Ohioans back in charge of their decisions about pregnancy and abortion,” she said.

And then came a third lie.

“Together, we successfully enshrined the right to reproductive freedom into the Ohio constitution,” she concluded.

Health care. Decisions. Right. All lies. Yet all greeted with raucous cheers.

The video also showed parts of the celebration. Some women hugged one another. Others leapt in apparent joy.

In fact, even the Associated Press endorsed the vote through its choice of words.

“A crowd of abortion rights supporters cheered as the news dropped that Ohio voters approved a constitutional amendment that guarantees the right to abortion and other forms of reproductive health care,” the AP posted.

Ohio Statehouse reporter Morgan Trau also shared several side-by-side videos of the wild celebration. And her corresponding tweets made it clear that she approved of the outcome.

“BREAKING NEWS: OHIO VOTERS PROTECT ABORTION ACCESS. Lots of tears and cheers right now,” Trau wrote.

Five minutes later, the reporter posted two more videos.

“Continued celebrations. Lots and lots of tears. Abortion and contraception are protected in the Ohio Constitution. 57.5-42.5%,” Trau wrote.

Meanwhile, avowed Christian and prominent sports writer Jason Whitlock had a more appropriate reaction.

“We foolishly believe we’ve evolved past our ancestors, our founders, the people who lived 200 years ago. Wildly cheering the legalized murder of unborn babies is a level of satan worship that cannot be matched. The women in this video make the Bloods and Crips seem like Boy Scouts,” Whitlock posted in response to the AP video.

For readers of The Western Journal, I trust that I need not make an elaborate pro-life argument. In any case, that argument has such divine simplicity that it requires nothing elaborate in its defense.

Either the child in the womb constitutes a human life or it does not. If it does not, then all controversy vanishes. It no more merits protection than would a head of cabbage.

On the other hand, if it does constitute a life, then its destruction amounts to murder.

All those words, phrases and slogans — “health care,” “decision,” “right,” and to these we may add “my body, my choice” — mean nothing. If applied to a cabbage, they sound comical. If applied to the destruction of a life, they only conceal Satanic indifference.

I must believe, however, that many who use such language have not given this question the thought it demands. Indeed, I must believe this because I used to be one of them.

In the not-so-distant past, I considered myself a proud Jeffersonian libertarian. On issues pertaining to genuine freedom against the interference of a corrupt government, I still do.

Lifelong practicing Christians, of course, knew my error long before I did. In short, I recognized corruption in every human institution but failed to acknowledge the depths of my own wickedness. And for that reason, I seldom saw the wickedness in other sinners like myself.

Thus, I foolishly believed that a pregnant woman, left free to choose, would make the right choice. Or, at least, I regarded her freedom to choose — even to choose wrongly — as the highest good.

Today, I have friends and family members — all women — who remain under the delusion of “choice.” I have little hope of persuading them. In fact, I cannot even explain what happened to me when God showed me the truth. They would not understand. So I simply pray that He does the same for them.

In the meantime, I have the same hope of repentance for those cheering women in Ohio that I have for myself.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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