Watch: Woman Exposes ‘Creepy’ Date with Accused Idaho Killer – Used Clever Trick to Get Away

Imagine turning on the news to learn that police had arrested a suspect in a high-profile murder case and seeing the face — and the name — of that weird guy you had gone on a single date with seven years ago. And the evening had been memorable due to the extraordinary lengths you took to end it and the creepiness of the guy himself. You suddenly realize you had briefly been alone in your dorm room with the man police believe was responsible for the brutal stabbing deaths of four University of Idaho students. According to one young woman who shared her story on Monday in a TikTok video, this scenario was a reality. In the video below, “Hayley” described the time she spent with accused killer Bryan Kohberger, whom she had connected with through online dating site Tinder. “My interactions with Bryan were very brief. I don’t know much about him,” Hayley began. She noted that her interaction with Kohberger lasted for 24 hours. She continued, “We matched on Tinder. We talked for a couple of hours, and then he was like, ‘Hey, you want to go to the movies with me tonight?’ I was like, ‘Sure.’ So we went to the movies.” “We ended up going back to my dorm. And he kind of invited himself inside. I thought he was just going to drop me off, but that was not the case,” she explained. “So, he wanted to watch another movie on Netflix, and I said, ‘Sure.’ He kept trying to touch me — not, like, inappropriately, just like trying to tickle me and like rub my shoulders and stuff, and I was like, ‘Why are you touching me?’” Hayley said, “He would just like get super serious. He’s like, ‘I’m not,’ and I’m like, ‘You are, though,’ and he’s like, ‘I’m not touching you.’ Kind of like trying to gaslight me into thinking that he didn’t touch me, which was weird.” She allegedly told Kohberger she needed to use the bathroom and claimed that he followed her there. “And then he followed me to the bathroom, which I thought was kind of weird. … He didn’t go in with me, but like he stood outside the door,” she said. Hayley wanted him to leave but claimed she was “socially awkward” and didn’t know how to do that. She finally pretended to throw up. “It wasn’t because I was scared of him or thought he would hurt me if I asked him to leave. It was just mostly because I’m socially awkward. I didn’t know how to ask him to leave.” Hayley said she then received a message from Kohberger on Tinder, which said he was leaving. An hour later, she received a second message in which he told her she had “good birthing hips.” She never spoke to him again. The New York Post contacted Hayley, who said it was important to her to tell her story because it “could have been so much different.” She told the Post, “Bryan was not even the creepiest or scariest Tinder date I’ve been on. I hope that if any young women see my story and think they’re invincible, they learn that taking precautions when going on dates with people you meet online is so important.” Indeed. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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