Watch: WNBA Star Puts Race Over Skill, Says Paige Bueckers Is Good Because She ‘Understands Her Privilege’

Watch: WNBA Star Puts Race Over Skill, Says Paige Bueckers Is Good Because She ‘Understands Her Privilege’

A’ja Wilson, a professional women’s basketball player with the Las Vegas Aces, apparently likes self-flagellating white women who bend the knee to left-wing race-hustling.

That’s the implication of comments the black WNBA star made to her white Aces teammate, Kelsey Plum, during a courtside interview on Saturday.

At the time, Wilson was paying a backhanded compliment to University of Connecticut sensation Paige Bueckers, whose team lost to Caitlin Clark’s Iowa Hawkeyes in Friday night’s Final Four of the women’s NCAA tournament.

“Us, as black women, Paige reminds me a lot of you,” Wilson said to Plum. “Like you say, ‘It’s not really about me.’ She knows. And she knows how her privilege has gotten her to that point.

“And also, she’s good at basketball, obviously. She understands her privilege. It’s like what pushes her over the top in a sense. It reminds me a lot of you. And I mean, that’s a compliment.”

Wilson is no stranger to controversy. But here, her race-baiting comments suggest that for a white athlete, it’s more important to be submissive toward her black peers than to play well.

In reality, Paige Bueckers is an NCAA phenom because she’s sensational at basketball. Period.

But leave it to race-hustlers like A’ja Wilson to inject their warped views into everything.

Wilson essentially said she likes Bueckers because the UConn star goes out of her way to elevate her black peers above herself.

In her 2021 acceptance speech for winning the Female College Athlete of the Year award at the ESPYs, Bueckers scolded the media for not giving black women more coverage, Clutch Points reported.

“With the light that I have now as a white woman who leads a black-led sport and celebrated here, I want to shed a light on black women,” Bueckers said.

“They don’t get the media coverage that they deserve. They’ve given so much to the sport, the community and society as a whole and their value is undeniable.”

She continued: “Sports media holds the key to storylines. Sports media and sponsors tell us who is valuable, and you have told the world that I mattered today. Everyone who voted, thank you. But I think we should use this power together to also celebrate black women.”

Perhaps Bueckers goes out of her way to be self-deprecating because she’s outnumbered in a black-dominated sport and doesn’t want to get bullied. Savvy people understand that jealousy and envy can be extremely dangerous.

Or maybe she’s just been brainwashed by the progressive politics that have infected sports.

Regardless, superstar white athletes should not apologize for being exceptional or for their so-called “white privilege.” It’s unnecessary and stupid.

Numerous YouTube commenters slammed Wilson for her tiresome use of the worn-out race card.

“Hope A’ja understand her privilege to say some crazy sh** like that,” one wrote.

Another remarked, “’Privilege’ doesn’t make someone better at basketball. In fact, it’s often the opposite. But also, wtf is she even talking about?”

“This kind of thinking has to be so exhausting and miserable. What is she even talking about?” one commenter wrote.

It is now 2024. Society must stop rewarding the left’s toxic victim mentality and prioritize merit over DEI (“Didn’t Earn It”) tokenism. It’s tedious and draining.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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