Watch: Undercover TikToker at Pro-Palestinian Rally Finds Out How Protesters Feel About Jews

A videographer who says he is Jewish posted a video to TikTok recently, claiming that he was going “undercover” at a “Free Palestine” rally in New York City to see exactly what the protesters really think about Israel. What he found is as disgusting as it is shocking. The video, first shared Wednesday, sports a caption reading, “Is this still about freeing Palestine? Or hating Jews? This is what we mean when we say, never again is NOW.” The video, which has racked up tens of thousands of likes and views, begins with the host of the video telling viewers, “I’m a Jew going undercover at a ‘Free Palestine’ rally to see what they’re really about.” The video goes on to feature the words of some of the protesters telling the camera about how they feel about Israel and the campaign against terror organization Hamas. And it isn’t good. “How would you describe a Jew?” he asks the first woman in the video. She replies starkly, “They’re devils.”
@israelcc Is this still about freeing Palestine? Or hating Jews? This is what we mean when we say, never again is NOW. #neveragainisnow #neveragainisnow✡️ #hamasisterror ♬ original sound – ICC
Next, a man wearing a T-shirt reading “FREE GAZA FREE PALESTINE,” exclaims that “The Jews” are at fault and adds, “The Jews have always been a problem.” In another confrontation, the video host asks a woman, “So if they do take Palestine, where do the 12 million Jews go?” She shockingly replies that the Jews should “go to hell. That’s the literal slogan.” The host asked another man the same question. He replied, “Go back to Brooklyn, b***h.” Another is seen yelling, “Shout out to Kanye. He was right.” This man is referring to the antisemitic comments made by rapper Kanye West. Another woman in the video exclaims that “the Hamas group, the action they’ve taken, it’s not a terrorist attack.” In another segment, a man in a mask insists, “I am queer for Palestine. Yes.” The videographer then points out that gays are not well accepted in Gaza. “But what do you think about the argument when people are saying in Gaza, they kill gay people,” he said. But the man absurdly replies, “It’s very unsafe to be queer here, too.” The host is incredulous over that and replies, “But they’re not killing gay people for being gay by law [in the US], right? The way it is in Gaza?” The masked man is clearly annoyed and retorts, “But why do we keep going back to, like, Gaza?” Finally, a woman goes on to dispute that there is any basis for Israel having a homeland. “Why is there such a basis for them to have a homeland?” she asks in the video. “Nobody else has a homeland.” The host asks where she is from. And she replies she is from Afghanistan. “In Afghanistan, by the way. So, that’s a Muslim country, right?” the host asks, to which she answers, “Predominantly, yes.” “So, would you consider that your homeland?” he asks. “Yes, so, I do have a claim over that,” she says. “But you can’t claim Israel.” It seems clear that these people have more interest in pushing hate for Jews than in supporting the people of Gaza. They want another Holocaust, another “final solution,” and they don’t care if it comes at the expense of the people of Gaza. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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