Watch: Tucker Takes Shot at Mitch McConnell After Senate Leader’s Apparent Stroke

If Tucker Carlson is truly the representative voice of swaths of marginalized voices across America, as many often claim, then Mitch McConnell should seriously take a close look at retirement. Carlson savaged the Senate Minority Leader from Kentucky Thursday in a wide-ranging interview with Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy. You can watch the entire interview below:

WARNING: The following video contains language that some viewers may find offensive

Portnoy and Carlson covered a number of topics, including the history of Barstool and Portnoy’s well-chronicled love of pizza. When the conversation shifted to some down-and-dirty politics toward the end of the interview, however, neither man minced words when discussing the current cast of world leaders. “I feel like there’s been a shift where, internally, maybe the Democrats don’t think [President Joe Biden] can win, and they’re setting the stage to choose somebody else. I think it’s crazy if he’s [the nominee],” Portnoy said. Why, exactly, does Portnoy think that “it’s crazy”? Because of Biden’s age — and that’s a concern that both Portnoy and Carlson also have for Biden’s chief political rival, former President Donald Trump. “I mean, to be honest, I think both Trump and Biden are too old,” Portnoy said. “I don’t you think should be able to be that old [and] be president.” Carlson made it clear that he was in “100 percent” agreement with the outspoken Barstool founder. Both men did make clear, however, that despite Donald Trump also being of relatively advanced age, he is far more lucid than Biden. Portnoy even went so far as to describe Trump as “the best to ever play the political game.” They did not have nearly as many nice things to say about McConnell — particularly Carlson. “I think Biden has got some serious dementia issues,” Portnoy said. “Oh, of course,” Carlson quipped. “Well, how that is the president, I don’t know,” Portnoy said. “And that’s not a Democrat [issue], because I said that about both [major U.S. political parties.] “It’s like Mitch … Mitch … the guy who had the stroke during the speech the other day … Like, how are these people running our country?” You can watch the scary incident involving the Kentucky senator below: While McConnell was not giving a speech, as Portnoy alluded to, he was speaking to the press when he suffered a second major health scare on a very public stage. (Of note, McConnell was ultimately cleared by the Capitol physician to continue his duties. It was not determined that he suffered a stroke, despite exhibiting classic symptoms of one.) It’s at this point that Carlson actually dropped the hammer in a manner that laid bare how he really felt about Mitch McConnell: “The only defense I would say of Mitch McConnell is … McConnell post-stroke is an improvement over McConnell pre-stroke,” Carlson said. Even Portnoy seemed unsure how best to react to the seemingly mean-spirited remark from Carlson. By saying that the senator was “an improvement” after suffering a debilitating health scare, it’s unclear whether Carlson’s remark was actually as cold as it seemed or whether the former Fox News firebrand actually saw some sort of improvement in McConnell’s work following a nigh-identical health scare in July. Regardless, those concerns about the age of the United State’s leaders are only growing as the country rapidly approaches the 2024 general election — and calls to replace those leaders with younger people are only going to grow louder, as well. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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