Watch: Tucker Interviews Alleged Obama Gay Lover – ‘It Became Obvious Very Quick’

Well, this is quite a sordid story. Just as murmurs of his potential return to the White House — as first gentleman, this time around — are beginning to gain traction, so too are murmurs about former President Barack Obama’s past love life. While Obama’s relationships before he married Michelle Robinson have long been fodder for conspiracy and discussion, those discussions have kicked into overdrive in recent months, largely stemming from some wild claims by Obama’s biographer. One such claim from David Garrow was that the former president wrote that he “repeatedly fantasizes” about gay sex. “I make love to men daily, but in the imagination,” Obama said in a 1982 letter to an ex-girlfriend, according to Garrow. Well, according to the latest twist, those fantasies may have turned into reality. On Wednesday, Tucker Carlson posted his interview with a man who made some graphic claims about his alleged sexual relationship with Obama.

WARNING: The following video contains language and discussion that some viewers may find offensive.

Larry Sinclair spoke at length with Carlson about his alleged tryst with the 44th president, and it was as bombastic and explosive as you’d expect it to be. Sinclair claimed he had met Obama by chance in 1999 in Chicago, which he said he was visiting for the Naval Academy graduation of a man he described as “basically my godson.” (The U.S. Naval Academy is in Annapolis, Maryland. He apparently was referring to the Great Lakes Naval Training Center north of Chicago, where recruits go through boot camp.) At the event, Sinclair said, he hired a limo company and told the driver to stand by. When he asked the driver if he knew anyone who could show Sinclair the city — he said he made it clear to the driver that he “was looking to party” — the driver connected him with Obama. “[The driver] picked me up at my hotel in Gurnee [a village near Naval Station Great Lakes] and drove into Chicago,” Sinclair said. “Pulled up in a bar outside, and there’s this guy that’s introduced to me as Barack Obama. “It was literally that casual.” Sinclair went on to claim that the driver definitely knew Obama and called him “a friend.” “Interesting. So [the driver] knew Barack Obama, and in his view, Barack Obama liked the same kind of partying you were looking for,” Carlson said. “Yup,” Sinclair said. “So, sex and drugs, in other words,” Carlson said. “Well, the sex part I wasn’t so sure about,” Sinclair said. “Until, of course, you know, you make your move. But it became obvious very quick. The [cocaine] part I thought was interesting because of the way I had brought it up.” After describing the bar as “more relaxed” and more like “a lounge” than some sex-fueled, neon-highlighted gay orgy scene, Sinclair continued to describe this alleged chance meeting with Obama. “But like I said, when I brought up the fact that I could use something to wake up, [Obama] immediately knew what I was referring to,” he said, adding that he “had made it clear that I was looking for coke, and I really was, and had made the suggestion that he knew where we could get it and we left to go get it.” Sinclair reiterated that he had no clue who he was with at the time. He said the only things he knew about Obama were what he learned that night, including that Obama claimed to be having issues with his marriage to Michelle, then in its seventh year. “He said that?” Carlson asked for clarification. “That was made clear,” Sinclair said. Once they were in the back of the limo and the drugs began flowing — Sinclair said he was snorting cocaine while Obama was smoking it — Sinclair made his move, he told Carlson. “So as I’m doing a line, I just start –” Sinclair said, as he trailed off for a second. He continued: “This is the part where, you know, you kind of make your move to see where things are going. So I just started rubbing my hand along his thigh to see where it was going, and it went the direction I had intended it to go. “So the night became somewhat active sexually and drug-wise in the limo.” “So you hit on him,” Carlson said. “Did he seem shocked by that?” “Not at all,” Sinclair said. He got more explicit when he delved into what happened next. “So it’s not like [gay sex] was something that [Obama] wasn’t into,” Sinclair said. “It’s not something that he was shocked by. Shocked by you don’t get excited and you don’t unbutton your pants and you don’t just sit there and let it happen. “So it wasn’t, it definitely wasn’t Barack’s first time, that much I’m absolutely certain of. And I would almost be willing to bet you it wasn’t his last.” “So you performed oral sex on Barack Obama,” Carlson said. “I did,” he said. Sinclair’s criminal past — he has a long rap sheet, as Politico noted in a 2008 article — has led many to question his credibility. He addressed that issue in his interview with Carlson. “If you look my criminal history up — which I’ve published myself, provided from day one — my criminal history goes from 1980 to 1986,” he said, according to the New York Post. “And everything I’ve ever done, I’ve owned it.” This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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