Watch: Ted Cruz Says He Longs for Obama Days After Ripping Judicial Nominee

Sometimes the lunacy of the moment leaves us no choice but to express ourselves through hyperbole. At a recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas did exactly that. While bemoaning President Joe Biden’s endless parade of radical nominees to the federal bench, Cruz said that he longed for the days of former President Barack Obama. “The judges that have been nominated by Joe Biden have been extraordinary. They have been extreme,” Cruz said in a 33-second clip posted Thursday on X, formerly Twitter. “Extreme,” however, did not quite capture the full truth of the matter. “They’ve been so egregious, they fill me with a sense I could not have previously imagined having, which is, I long for Barack Obama,” Cruz added. No true conservative, of course — including Cruz — actually misses the Obama administration. But the hyperbole made the point. “Because although I disagreed with many of President Obama’s judicial nominees, they were comparatively moderate when put next to the radicals that the Biden White House keeps putting forward,” Cruz concluded. [firefly_poll] As catastrophic as the Obama administration proved to be, most conservatives no doubt understood Cruz’s meaning. During Obama’s eight-year presidency, the national slide toward earthly perdition somehow felt more gradual. Unlike Biden, for instance, Obama exhibited motor skills and basic cognitive functions. The 44th president, therefore, could conceal nefarious purposes. He could undermine the United States without appearing obvious in his intent to do so. Biden, of course, has none of those abilities. Thus, his entire administration looks much clumsier than the one he once served under as vice president. Wednesday on X, Dan Bongino summarized the impression Biden leaves on all sensible people who watch the administration in action. “If you were trying to destroy the United States, would you do anything differently than Biden is doing now?” Bongino posted. Biden somehow blends the sinister with the ludicrous in a way that few Americans would have believed possible during the Obama administration. On one hand, Bongino had it right. No president, for instance, would keep Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas in office unless to sow chaos on purpose. Only a president who wanted to destroy the country would keep its borders open to illegal immigrants. On the other hand, no administration in U.S. history has shown such comic ineptitude, starting with the president himself. From cringe-inducing subordinates to his own unintelligible statements, Biden hardly gives the impression of a man in control. In short, the president looks and acts lost. The consistent radicalism of his judicial nominees, however, suggests clear purpose. Hence Cruz’s disbelief at his own reaction to those nominees. Indeed, nothing about the Biden administration makes sense in light of what we might have expected only eight years ago.
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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