Watch: Stormy Daniels Calls Trump Supporters ‘Suicide Bombers’ During Appearance on ‘The View’

Watch: Stormy Daniels Calls Trump Supporters ‘Suicide Bombers’ During Appearance on ‘The View’

While former porn star Stormy Daniels’ stories about her alleged affair with Donald Trump might have seemed believable when she first made her claims, her partisan comments attacking the former president and his supporters have eroded much of whatever credibility she had.

With the next of the endless Trump trials rapidly approaching, Daniels appeared on ABC’s “The View” to talk about his “hush money” case.

Last year, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg charged the former president with 34 counts of falsifying New York business records, including a $130,000 payment to Daniels (real name Stephanie Clifford) in 2016 to remain quiet about the alleged affair.

Prosecutors are hoping the trial will get underway on April 15.

Obviously, then, that was the main topic of discussion Thursday among the ladies of “The View” and Daniels, who couldn’t resist taking jabs at Trump supporters.

One of her jabs, however, crossed the line for many viewers.

Speaking about her accusations against the former president, Daniels said, “I didn’t get paid anything, but it cost me everything” — to which the show’s hosts responded with sympathetic “yeahs.”

She went on to describe how she was treated after going public with her allegations.

According to Daniels, Trump’s supporters said, “‘Oh, she’s just out for the money,’ or, ‘She’s a gold-digger, she’s … a slut,'” to which Daniels interrupted herself to add, “Award-winning slut!”


She then told the panel that “this time around it’s not as many [people sending her hate], but they’re worse … and they’re not hiding.”

“I’ve had them text me, from their actual phone number, and I’m just like, of course you’re a Trump supporter, cause you’re not even good at being bad,” the former adult star said.

This was the point, however, where Daniels’ comments stepped over the line.

She said of the former president’s supporters, “They are more like suicide bombers this time around, where they honestly, truly believe that they are being patriotic and that I am, like, the devil.”

Suicide bombers?

Perhaps those Trump supporters’ judgment of Daniels wasn’t too far off the mark after all.

Of course, people who take a stand against a political figure — right or left, right or wrong — should expect some level of animosity at least from the fringes of that political figure’s supporters.


Granted, if what she told the ladies on “The View” was true, those Trump supporters were in the wrong for harassing her, regardless of whether her accusations were true.

But to lump all of Trump’s supporters into one category and compare their mean texts to the activities of maniacal terrorists was just beyond the pale.

If Daniels truly wanted the hatred to end, she shouldn’t have gone out of her way to antagonize the vast and diverse array of Americans who voted, or plan to vote, for Trump.

The fact of the matter is, Daniels lost her initial libel suit against the former president and was ordered to pay his legal fees.

Likewise, she has changed her story about their purported affair multiple times, up to and including signing an official statement indicating it never happened.

Judging a large and diverse group of people by the actions of a few and then comparing them all to terrorists was not just rude but patently absurd.

No wonder few people take Daniels and her claims seriously.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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