Watch: Senator Kennedy Exposes Biden Nominee’s Radical Pronoun Policy in Courtroom

Sen. John Kennedy grilled a far-left judge from Oregon Thursday over requirements in his courtroom that people must use gender pronouns when they introduce themselves. Kennedy laid into Judge Mustafa Kasubhai, who was nominated to a federal bench by President Joe Biden, while Kasubhai’s nomination was discussed by his Senate colleagues. While justice is supposed to be blind, Kennedy ripped into Kasubhai as a person incapable of presiding over a fair hearing and portrayed him as an activist. Kasubhai was nominated to fill a vacant seat on the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon in September. Biden nominated four judges on Sept. 6, each of whom he described as “extraordinarily qualified, experienced, and devoted to the rule of law and our Constitution.” Kasubhai met stiff opposition from Kennedy Thursday during a conformation hearing. The Louisiana Republican grilled the judge about his penchant for requiring the use of gender pronouns in court. “He’s not qualified to be on the federal bench,” Kennedy said. “Everybody in this hearing today knows that.” [firefly_poll] “He’s entitled to his beliefs. About 90 percent of my personal philosophy is, don’t hurt somebody unless you have to defend yourself, don’t steal other people’s stuff and leave me alone,” Kenedy said as he addressed his colleagues. Kennedy then turned directly to Kasubhai and dressed him down about his use of pronouns while presiding over cases. “If you want to use different pronouns, that is your business,” he said. “I may not agree. I may not do it, but that’s your business. This is America, and you’re free to do that.” Kennedy then unloaded on the judge. “But this judge used his authority to require litigants in his courtroom to do what he thinks is politically correct. And he did that as a magistrate judge, and he’ll do it as a federal district judge, and you know it.” “I don’t care what his political beliefs are, but he has no right, as a sitting judge, to direct, in writing, litigants in his courtroom to stand up and introduce themselves by saying, ‘My name is John Kennedy, my preferred pronouns are …’” Kennedy said Kasubhai claimed the usage of gender pronouns in his courtrooms was “voluntary,” but Kennedy concluded, “That’s not true. I’ve read the order.” “I’m a litigant in his courtroom paying a lawyer $400 an hour to try to get my case resolved, and the man on the bench who’s gonna decide my case tells me to stand up and announce my pronouns,” Kennedy said. “That’s not voluntary,” Kennedy continued. “That’s oppressive.” The senator concluded, “If I could vote no twice, I would.” FrontPage Magazine reported Kasubhai once stated, “DEI — diversity, equity and inclusion — is the heart and soul of the court system.”
    This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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