Watch: Senator Graham Berates GOP Colleague Over Holdout on Military Promotions

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham lashed out against a staunchly pro-life fellow legislator this week over his delay of military promotions. Sen. Tommy Tuberville of Alabama continued his nine-month blockade of close to 400 confirmations and promotions this week, keeping a vow he made over a Pentagon abortion policy, The Associated Press reported. Tuberville has held up the promotions over a Pentagon policy to pay for servicewomen to travel to other states to obtain abortions. He has endured a lot of criticism for the stand he has taken, especially from Democrats, who have said the delays are endangering U.S. national security, according to the AP. Tuberville even viewed at least one recent remark about the issue, by former CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden, as an assassination threat. But on Wednesday, Republicans, including Graham, called out Tuberville during a session that extended far into the night. “Here’s what’s going to happen,” an obviously frustrated Graham said, holding up a paper with an officer’s picture on it. “You’ve just denied this lady a promotion. You did that.” “All of us are ready to promote her because she deserves to be promoted. She had nothing to do with this policy.” “Everybody in this body could find an issue with any administration they don’t agree with. And what we’re going to do is open up Pandora’s Box,” he said. “If we take back the White House, we’ll go back to the Mexico City policy, limiting dollars to be given to overseas entities that are engaged in the abortion business. Some pro-choice people don’t like that. What would happen if they put a hold on all the officers because they don’t agree with the Republican administration? “There’s a reason this has not been done this way for a couple hundred years,” Graham said. “No matter whether you believe it or not, Sen. Tuberville, this is doing great damage to our military. I don’t say that lightly. I’ve been trying to work with you for nine months.” Speaking to the rest of the senators, Graham continued, “Folks, if this keeps going, people are going to leave.” “There’s some people that are waiting to be promoted, that if they don’t get promoted soon, they’re going to be out of the military. Now, how does that help anybody, if they’re qualified?” Tuberville “mostly sat quiet and alone” as the senators deliberated, the AP reported. In an interview with Fox News, Tuberville explained his pro-life convictions. “I’m trying to keep the White House from playing dictator along with the Pentagon,” he said. “Abortion is the No. 1 issue in our country in our lifetime when it comes to social issues, and the American people need to have a say so now.”
This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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