Watch: Republican Gives Fiery Speech as Party Leadership Stabs Americans in the Back – ‘Beginning of the End’

Watch: Republican Gives Fiery Speech as Party Leadership Stabs Americans in the Back – ‘Beginning of the End’

Republican Rep. Tim Burchett of Tennessee isn’t holding back when it comes to the border.

In remarks made on C-SPAN2 and posted by Townhall to X, the Tennessee representative impressed upon the American people the dire circumstances of the border crisis and the inaction by Congress.

“When I first took office and this border issue was already an issue, I can remember we started talking then, and I said, ‘No border, no budget,'” he began his Monday remarks surrounded by Freedom Caucus members.

“That’s how important it is to the American people,” he continued before starting in on the $1.2 trillion dollar spending bill that was passed last week.

“If we lose our country, it’s not worth it. It is absolutely not worth it. … If we do not do the right thing in this occasion, we will lose our country. You are seeing the beginning of the end for the United States of America.”

WARNING: The following video contains explicit language that may offend some readers.

“They are selling your country out for the uniparty, for these national chambers of commerce. … They want somebody on your roof that doesn’t speak the language, that is not from this country, that is not here legally because you know what happens when they fall off? They kick their a** out. They throw them to the curb. They’re in the emergency room. You and I are paying for their healthcare, and they don’t give a damn about them one bit.”

The Hill reported that the bill included “wins” for Republicans — like banning unofficial flags from being flown at U.S. embassies and blocking bans of gas stoves.

Sounds great.

I can use my gas stove and rest easy knowing the “pride” flag isn’t being flown at an embassy while illegals are overrunning the country and committing crimes, such as the murder of Laken Riley — allegedly by an illegal immigrant.

What a win.

Speaking of which, the Laken Riley Act did not make it into the bill.

The bill did provide funding for expanding detention centers’ bed capacity, technology, and 22,000 border agents, but nothing is a guarantee.

This is too little too late.

What about the countless number of illegals already here? What about taking steps to slow down the flow of illegal immigrants, stopping them before they get into the country — or at least having harsher penalties for those who do enter the country?

Burchett is rightfully enraged with his fellow congressmen who voted for this bill.

As far as pointing the finger goes, blame in the House seems to be put on Speaker Mike Johnson as GOP Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene of Georgia filed a motion to vacate the speakership after Johnson put the bill on the floor.

What’s Burchett’s answer to the uniparty and those who supported this bill?

“We’ve got to take our country back. Dagummit, if you don’t like the people in office, vote their a**es out. … Get ’em out of here. They are ruining your country,” he said.

Democrat or Republican, it’s hard to disagree with Burchett. Some of these folks need a hand finding a new career path.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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