Watch: Portnoy Goes on Epic Rant Against ‘Pink-Haired, Crazy Liberal’ for NYC’s Absurd Pizza Law

Dave Portnoy speaks for all exasperated Americans who wonder when the climate-mongering madness will end. On Sunday, the New York Post reported that New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection has proposed new rules that would force owners of pizzerias with coal- and wood-fired ovens to purchase expensive emission-control devices. In an expletive-laden video rant posted to Twitter, Portnoy blasted the “little liberal arts, Ivy League, pink-haired, crazy liberal” responsible for pushing the new rules. Founder of the conservative-leaning Barstool Sports, Portnoy has earned a national reputation as a connoisseur and reviewer of pizzas. Along with the video, Portnoy tweeted an updated version of Patrick Henry’s legendary cry: “Give us pizza or give us death!”

WARNING: The following video contains language some readers may find offensive.

Portnoy borrowed his adaptation of Henry’s “Give me liberty, or give me death” from another angry protester. On Monday, Twitter user Scott LoBaido, a self-described “Patriot-Artist-Activist,” posted a video of himself tossing pizza over the gate at New York’s city hall while yelling “Give us pizza, or give us death!” A clip of LoBaido’s pizza-tossing protest, which mimics the 1773 Boston Tea Party, appeared near the end of Portnoy’s video. LoBaido’s clever protest offered a much-needed mixture of levity and nostalgia for the days when patriots stood up for themselves. Meanwhile, Portnoy’s rant captured the distilled essence of the modern climate warrior. According to the New York Post report, one city official estimated that the new rules would affect fewer than 100 restaurants. This makes the proposed rules worse, not better. In short, New York City bureaucrats believe that lowering emissions from fewer than 100 coal- and wood-fired pizza ovens will have a positive effect on climate. Few assertions seem better calculated to insult one’s intelligence. The modern climate warrior, however, has no regard for your intelligence or your interests. The modern climate warrior has an ego to stroke and a planet to save. In an age when millionaires and billionaires fly private jets to climate conferences and then lecture the masses about making sacrifices, Portnoy’s rant should serve as the masses’ collective answer. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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