Watch: Police Roasted for Delivering Hot Coffee to Pro-Palestinian Protesters Blocking Critical Road

Watch: Police Roasted for Delivering Hot Coffee to Pro-Palestinian Protesters Blocking Critical Road

Toronto police officers who acted like gofers to pro-Palestinian protesters illegally blocking a bridge were savaged on social media as namby-pamby pantywaists.

The absurd incident unfolded Saturday when officers were captured on video dutifully delivering food and coffee to anti-Israel demonstrators blocking a highway overpass, according to the National Post.

The protester who received the Tim Hortons delivery from the officers told the videographer that they had delivered the goods on behalf of a pro-Palestinian supporter who was unable to bring it himself because of restricted access to the bridge.

“The police are becoming our little messengers,” he gloated.

The video was posted to X by Toronto lawyer and online commentator Caryma Sa’d.

The overpass, located in Toronto’s largest Jewish area, has been shut down daily since Dec. 31 due to the ongoing demonstrations, according to the Post.


Authorities are being excoriated for allowing the extended protests since prolonged bridge shutdowns jeopardize public safety.

Marco Mendicino, a liberal member of Parliament, said in a post on X that “police serving coffee and food to protesters will just embolden more deliberate obstruction of traffic, undermine public safety, and add to local frustrations.”

“Laws exist to prevent this. They need to be enforced!” he said.

B’nai Brith Canada CEO Michael Mostyn told the Toronto Sun the officers’ actions were “comically naive.”

“Are our brave police officers being encouraged to act as Uber Eats drivers by our political leaders? This is unacceptable,” he said. “Anti-semitism is not a punchline, but today it was made into one by strategists who clearly have no comprehension of the damage they are doing to our country.”

Police officers providing food delivery services to agitators shutting down roads also undermines public confidence in their civic duty to be nonpartisan enforcers of the law.

In response to the backlash, Toronto police spokeswoman Laurie McCann told the Sun the gesture was not a sign of support and the officers were merely “managing a dynamic situation.”

“Their top priority is maintaining order in a tense environment on the Avenue Road bridge,” she said. “In performing a helpful act today, our officers’ motivation was to help keep tensions low and should not be interpreted as showing support for any cause or group.”

Meanwhile, social media exploded with disdain at the police for bending the knee to unruly mobs endangering public safety.

The catalyst for these demonstrations is the Israel-Hamas war, which erupted on Oct. 7 when Hamas terrorists launched rockets into Israel and stormed into the country from the Gaza Strip, killing about 1,200 people.

The conflict is yet another reminder that Joe Biden’s dumpster-fire presidency is triggering global instability, as the peace that former President Donald Trump engineered in the Middle East through the historic Abraham Accords has collapsed.

During the past three months, the Biden administration has done little to bring about a peaceful resolution to the Israel-Hamas war — or to the war in Ukraine.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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