Watch: New Angle of Iowa-UConn Controversial Foul Shows What Really Happened – ‘Not Even a Debate’

Watch: New Angle of Iowa-UConn Controversial Foul Shows What Really Happened – ‘Not Even a Debate’

As an emotional tidal wave crested across America Friday night over a foul called in the closing seconds of the Iowa-UConn Final Four game, it crashed into a camera angle that led some to support the officials.

With Iowa ahead 70-69, UConn was trying to get the ball to star Paige Bueckers for a last-second shot. UConn forward Aaliyah Edwards was called for an offensive foul.

Edwards had been trying to block Iowa’s Gabbie Marshall from dogging Bueckers. So far so good. But the officials ruled Edwards moved as she tried to block Marshall, which violates the rule that a play setting a screen must stand still.

That killed UConn’s hopes, as Iowa went on to win 71-69.

Clay Travis echoed the comments of many in a post on X.

“I knew if it was close that UConn would get screwed because of the money at stake, but even WWE officials are cringing at this. Final possession and you call this?!” he wrote.

Such was the extent of outrage that Travis and LeBron James were on the same side.

“NAAAAAHHHHHH!!! I ain’t rolling with that call,” James posted on X.

But the wave of outrage began to subside as video and less emotional judgment sided with the officials.

“Not just textbook. Obvious,” CBS college basketball analyst Seth Davis posted on X.

“Clear. Not even a question. And I was among those who initially thought it was a bad call because I only saw the close/upper body reply. This is not even a debate. It. Was. A. Foul,’ he wrote.

Barstool Sports founder David Portnoy agreed.

“Anybody who is saying this isn’t a foul doesn’t know ball,” he posted on X.

Some agreed with the foul  but disputed the timing.

In summing up the controversy, ESPN’s Andraya Carter said by making the call, the referee made the game about the call, not the players, according to USA Today.

“I hated the call. You’ve got to give Gabbie Marshall credit for trying to fight over the screen. That’s what drew the refs’ attention in,” Carter said.

 “But to me, now that final play it’s not about Iowa defense. It’s about the call the referee made. There was a slight lean, maybe Aaliyah Edwards’ elbow was slightly out. But to be honest the calls were even for both sides. There were missed calls for Iowa. There were missed contact for UConn. To make that call at the very end of the game — to me it took away the opportunity for players to make plays. … To be honest, that call sucked,” she said.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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