Watch: Mom Makes Epic Points in Ripping School Board Over Males Allowed in Females’ Locker Room

Watch: Mom Makes Epic Points in Ripping School Board Over Males Allowed in Females’ Locker Room

Transgender madness in schools has forced sensible parents to confront woke educators and the cowardly allies who enable them.

Shanna Thompson, mother of West Virginia high-school student Nila Thompson, made a series of powerful comments at a Kanawha County School Board meeting in September that ought to have filled board members with shame.

Alas, based on their past behavior, Kanawha County School officials might lack the capacity to feel shame.

Shanna Thompson’s comments pertained to an incident that occurred at the school in August. Before she spoke, her daughter described that incident for board members.

Nila Thompson recalled that on Aug. 21, she entered the changing room for her high-school dance class only to discover “an almost adult male” who would “not even change, but he would stand there and watch as other biological females undressed.”

When she told her mother what happened, Shanna Thompson approached the school principal and received a response Nila Thompson described as “beyond disappointing.”

“I was told, along with the rest of the class, that if any female in any way felt uncomfortable with changing in the women’s locker room, they could go into the men’s because it was unoccupied during the period,” Nila told board members.

Frankie Stockes of the conservative news site National File reported on Nila’s comments last month and posted a video of them to the social media platform X on Dec. 15.

“A trans-identified male has gained changing rights in the girls’ locker room at a West Virginia high school, so that he can stand there and watch the girls change. The entire trans movement is nothing less than the mass government backed r*pe of children! END. THIS,” Stockes wrote in an accompanying post.

After Nila Thompson spoke, her mother addressed the board.

In a matter of seconds, Shanna Thompson eviscerated the entire legal argument for transgender rights in opposite-sex spaces.

“So when I asked the principal why he thought it was OK to ask a class full of girls to change in the boys’ locker room, he informed me that you [board members] and your attorney advised him that by law a student cannot be asked to use a facility that contradicts how they identify,” Shanna Thompson recalled.

Then came the coup de grace.

“Did it occur to any of you that by asking a classroom full of girls to use the boys’ locker room that you may have indeed asked those girls to use a facility to which they don’t identify?”

In other words, basing legal rights on gender “identity” rather than biological reality has ironic consequences. In this case, it called forth a solution that violated Nila Thompson’s own “right” to identify as female.

Thus, by woke identitarians’ own perverse logic, their legal argument cannot hold.


Shanna Thompson, however, did not stop there. In fact, she gave the board additional constitutional and legal lessons.

For instance, in 1972 Congress passed landmark Title IX legislation to prevent discrimination in schools on the basis of sex. In 2021, President Joe Biden issued an executive order purporting to update Title IX by extending its protections to “cover sexual orientation and gender identity.”

Shanna astutely described Biden’s order as “a directive” only.

“It’s not a law. Congress passes laws,” she added.

Later, she informed the board that the overwhelming majority of young people who suffer from gender dysphoria eventually grow comfortable with their bodies and accept the biological truth.

Meanwhile, some minors who suffered mutilation at the hands of monstrous ideologues eager to “transition” them from one gender to another have begun to file lawsuits.

“Are you sure that by embracing the policy of affirming every child that you aren’t setting yourself up for lawsuits such as this in the future?” Shanna Thompson asked.

Stockes also reported on Shanna Thompson’s address and posted a video of it to X on Dec. 21. That video depicts a masterpiece of common sense and is well worth viewing in its entirety.

“West Virginia mom GRILLS Kanawha County School Board after a trans-identified MALE was given changing rights in the girls’ locker room,” Stockes wrote in an accompanying post.

Many exasperated parents nationwide have challenged transgender ideology on moral grounds. And they deserve credit for doing so. Morality, after all, constitutes the most basic and appropriate ground for challenging such evil.

Shanna Thompson’s address to the school board, however, holds a special place in the annals of parental resistance. She denounced transgender ideology on legal grounds and proved it untenable even by the terms its own advocates have set.

School boards and administrations, of course, consist largely of woke ideologues and their spineless enablers.

Thus, if school officials will not respond to moral appeals, then parents will have to assert legal and constitutional rights.

And they may thank one West Virginia mother for showing them how.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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