Watch: LSU Football Coach Responds to Kim Mulkey Skipping National Anthem, Says His Team Will ‘Stand Proud’ for It

Watch: LSU Football Coach Responds to Kim Mulkey Skipping National Anthem, Says His Team Will ‘Stand Proud’ for It

LSU head football coach Brian Kelly has issued an official response to last week’s incident in which the Tigers women’s basketball team missed the national anthem during its Elite Eight matchup against Iowa.

Kelly, who has helmed the school’s football program for two seasons, vowed that his team would always stand when “The Star-Spangled Banner” is played at games.

LSU women’s coach Kim Mulkey addressed her team’s missing the anthem during a losing effort against Caitlin Clark and the Hawkeyes.

Mulkey said she was unaware the anthem was being played at the game in Albany, New York.

“Honestly, I don’t even know when the anthem was played,” she said.

“We kinda have a routine where we are on the floor, and then they come off at the 12-minute mark,” Mulkey added. “I don’t know, we come in, and we do our pre-game stuff. I’m sorry, listen, that’s nothing intentionally done.”


The explanation did not exactly calm people who were peeved when they saw the women of Iowa honor their flag and country while the ladies representing LSU were absent.

Despite Mulkey’s insistence that her team was not being willfully disrespectful, Republican Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry proposed punitive measures for any team that does not honor the country before a sporting event.

Landry went as far as to suggest that student-athletes should lose scholarships for skipping the anthem.

In a statement he shared on social media, Landry said, “My mother coached women’s high school basketball during the height of desegregation, no one has a greater respect for the sport and for Coach Mulkey. However, above respect for that game is a deeper respect for those that serve to protect us and unite us under one flag!

“It is time that all college boards, including Regent, put a policy in place that student athletes be present for the national anthem or risk their athletic scholarship! This is a matter of respect that all collegiate coaches should instill.”

Kelly, who earns more than $9 million a year to coach the Tigers on the football field, said over the weekend he agreed with the governor.

“It’s just the way that it has been scripted, and I’ve been doing this for 33 years. I can, on my hand I can tell you how many times I’ve been out for the national anthem. … We understand where the governor is coming from,” Kelly told reporters on Saturday, WDSU reported.

The former Notre Dame and Cincinnati coach added, “If our administration wants us out there for the national anthem, we’re gonna stand proud for the national anthem.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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