Watch the Look on CNN Panel’s Faces When Woman Says Blacks Relate to O.J. Since He Killed Whites

Watch the Look on CNN Panel’s Faces When Woman Says Blacks Relate to O.J. Since He Killed Whites

No — this isn’t satire.

You didn’t click on an article from The Onion. You’re on The Western Journal.

And a CNN contributor absolutely just said that black people can relate to O.J. Simpson because he was on trial for murdering two white people.

Ashley Allison has rightly been catching a load of flack following her outrageous comments during the left-leaning news outlet’s coverage of O.J. Simpson’s death.

Allison previously worked for the Obama administration and Joe Biden’s presidential campaign and transition team, according to the New York Post.

“He wasn’t a social justice leader, but he represented something for the black community in that moment, in that trial, particularly because there were two white people who had been killed,” she claimed on air.

The CNN contributor said the trial was related to “how black people have been persecuted during slavery,” whatever she means by that.

“There was racial tension then, there is racial tension now,” she continues.

“But until this country is ready to actually have an honest conversation about the racial dynamics from our origin story until today, we will always have moments like O.J. Simpson that manifests and our country will always be divided if we don’t actually deal with the issue of race,” she closed her statement with.

Her comments left the rest of the panel completely silent in shock.

I mean, how do you even respond to that?

The entire spiel was utterly unhinged, showcasing some of the most insane, unintentional racism that has possibly ever been seen.

It would be harder to come up with something more racist than that if you even tried.

There’s immense irony in someone so obsessed with racism, such as Allison, who fails to see the incredibly racist belief that black people identify with a man on trial for killing white people.

Perhaps it’s time she stopped calling others racist against black individuals and looked at herself in the mirror.

It’s kind of hard to call others racist when you spew the most racist vitriol seen on television in quite a while.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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