Watch Live: Total Solar Eclipse Caught on Camera in Mexico, Heads to United States

Watch Live: Total Solar Eclipse Caught on Camera in Mexico, Heads to United States

The total solar eclipse North America had been waiting for arrived Monday.

NASA kept a livestream going for those whose location did not allow them to take in the spectacle or were prevented from seeing it by clouds.

“The total solar eclipse crosses over Mazatlán, Mexico with the sun getting completely blocked out by the moon. The spectacle happened at approximately 11:07 AM mountain time in the Mexican beach vacation town,” Colin Rugg posted to X.

“According to NASA, the sight in the town lasted for over 4 minutes. The total solar eclipse is set to first take place in the U.S. near Eagle Pass, Texas at 1:32 PM local time,” he wrote.

“If you look up now it looks like Cookie Monster took a bite out of the sun,” Beth Redondo, a science teacher at Vermont Virtual Learning Coop told watchers in Island Pond, Vermont, according to The New York Times.

Mireya Muñoz, 42, greeted the return of the sun to Eagle Pass, Texas, with a prayer.

“I wanted to thank God because we are alive and allowed us to see it. I hope to be alive to see the next one too,” she said.

A report in The New York Times attested to the devotion of those bound for a peek at the darkness.

“After many eclipse-chasers in Texas spent the day trying to escape the thick clouds, hundreds of people who gathered at a park in the small city of Mason erupted in cheers as the eclipse reached totality — with few clouds in sight,” Mike Davis reported.

Some decided to greet the event with a bit of sophomoric humor.

Kimberly Wood and Michael Mangialardi, who drove to Carbondale, Illinois, from Mississippi for the event, made foil hats.

“In case the mothership comes back, we’re going to transmit signals from planet Uranus,” Wood said, laughing. “You never know!”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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