Watch: Larry David Enraged at CNN Anchor for Asking About His Net Worth – ‘None of Your F***ing Business!’

Watch: Larry David Enraged at CNN Anchor for Asking About His Net Worth – ‘None of Your F***ing Business!’

“Curb Your Enthusiasm” star and co-creator of “Seinfeld” Larry David held nothing back when he told CNN’s Chris Walters to “shut up” when asked what his net worth is.

The interview for “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?” was streamed on Max, the New York Post reported.

WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language that may offend some readers.

In his interview with David, Wallace recalled that his father — famed “60 Minutes” Correspondent Mike Wallace — once told Johnny Carson that people are always “fascinated” by the net worth of wealth individuals.

With that, he asked David if it was true, as the internet suggested, that his net worth was “half a billion dollars.”

David, who appeared taken aback and nearly spit out his water, then asked for more water before responding, “I’m gonna say what should have been said to your father. None of your f***ing business. How about that? And that’s ridiculous. That’s ridiculous,” per a transcript from Mediaite.

Wallace chimed back with, “What? Half a billion?”

A visibly reddening David replied, “That number is so preposterous. OK. Ridiculous.”

“How about $100 million dollars?” Wallace pried further, at which point David had had enough, saying, “OK, how about you shut up? OK. How about you shut up? Is that alright?”

A surprised Wallace then said, “I gotta say, you know, 100 interviews. Nobody’s ever said that to me before.”

David, holding back no punches, said, “Well just shut up.”

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Wallace, however, seemed unable to get past David telling him to shut up.

In fact, he continued to press David on the subject of his net worth saying, “It’s a perfectly legitimate … You know, what Barbara Walters said? ‘There’s no such thing as an indiscreet question … There are only indiscreet answers.'”

David didn’t seem to agree, adding, “It’s good line. but it’s nonsense. And I wonder how Barbara Walters would react. ‘Barbara, how many times a week do you have sex with your husband?’ … Do you think she’d like that?” David asked Wallace.

Wallace rebuffed with, “Well, I’d think she’d say there’s no such thing as an indiscreet … none of your business! I don’t think she would have said shut up.”

“I really stung you with that,” David said.

“It’s not nice. You may need to send me a note tomorrow apologizing,” Wallace replied.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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