Watch: Jon Voight Chokes Up Retelling Story of Time Trump Rose to the Occasion for Employee

Actor Jon Voight recently sat down to interview former President Donald Trump and during their meeting, Voight relayed a touching story of how tenderly Trump treated one of his employees. It’s a tale the media does not want you to see. During the Newsmax interview, Voight, a long-time supporter of Trump, took a few moments to relate a scene between Trump and one of his golf course employees. The retelling of the story caused the actor to choke up as he reminded the former president of the encounter. Voight, who most recently appeared in the acclaimed TV series “Ray Donovan,” used the story of Trump’s interaction with one of his employees as a way to illustrate how the former president interacts with his workers, and how much they enjoy working for him as a consequence. Voight, well known for his praise of the MAGA agenda, started his story, reminding Trump that one day he asked some of his employees a question. “You went into the place you said, ‘Is Sally so-and-so working here today?'” Voight said to Trump during the interview. The star noted that Trump was told that the employee was at work that day, and the president said, “Have her come see me.” “And she came in and you said, ‘I hear you’re having a little bit of a difficulty,'” Voight said that Trump told the employee. “‘Well I have some cancer,'” the woman reportedly told Trump. At that point, Voight hesitated, finding it hard to continue relating the tale about how compassionate Trump is with his employees. Voight admitted that he was getting choked up. “I’m getting emotional,” Voight admitted, “You keep saying you can’t watch ‘The Champ’ without crying, well, I can’t go through this story without crying.” After he composed himself, Voight continued the story. “And you said, ‘Let me take care of the, uh, whatever it’s going to cost. I’ll take care of it, you’re valuable to me,'” Voight said, finishing the story of Trump’s encounter with his employee. “That’s who you are,” Voight explained warming to the point of the story. “It’s who I know you to be. And people, when they work for you, all these people here that I’ve met and the people I’ve met at the various facilities and down at Mar-a-Lago, they always have a smile on their face.” Voight has been telling the country about how great Trump is for years, of course, so he was a natural fit to interview the former president. You can see the segment in the longer Newsmax interview below.
On the other hand, Voight has been a bit less satisfied with President Joe Biden’s term in office. Indeed, only a few months ago, Voight was openly calling for Biden’s impeachment. In a video posted to social media in July, Voight excoriated Biden saying, “He has wronged this nation’s glory. He has taken down our morals, our true gift of the land of the free. He must be impeached. We cannot wait another second having him dictate our path.” Voight is right about one thing, the touching story of how Trump helped out one of his employees during the worst time of her life is something we all need to hear. And it is for sure the type of story the media does not want to be highlighted because it humanizes a man they have worked for years to destroy. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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