Watch: Hosts of ‘The View’ Desperately Try to Cope with Biden’s Classified File Blunder

The leftist hosts of “The View” shared a rather crazy and humorous moment the other day while trying to explain away President Joe Biden’s classified document headache. The segment was meant to cover the recent revelation that classified documents from Biden’s time as vice president were kept in a Washington, D.C., office used by Biden after he left office. Naturally, this has left Biden and the Democrats in an awkward situation, as last summer, the FBI raided former President Donald Trump’s Florida residence claiming that he had taken classified documents from the White House when he left office in 2021. Now, Biden is facing the same allegations that he pushed against his predecessor, and it is causing massive problems for him and his political allies. But don’t worry, the ladies on “The View” are here to reassure us that everything is fine and that what Biden did is not as bad as what Trump did because… well, because Biden is a good person and Trump is not. According to host Joy Behar, “We all know that Trump is a liar and a thief. We know that. So it’s not that big a jump to say that he obstructed and he lied. We don’t think Biden is a liar and a thief, so we give him the benefit of the doubt.” Basically, the argument Behar is using is that Trump is a “bad person,” and therefore what he did was wrong. But when Biden, whom she supports, gets caught doing the same thing, it’s OK because he is a “good person.” As a reminder, this is the same show that had Hillary Clinton on as a guest last year to talk about how dangerous it was that Trump took classified documents from the White House. But now, suddenly, it’s OK to take classified material, so long as you are a “good person.” This is clearly a ridiculous assertion. If it is wrong for one politician to do something because it endangers national security, then it is wrong for any politician to do it, regardless of their political leanings. During his presidency, leftists condemned anything Trump did but are now quick to excuse the same things under Biden. They wailed that Trump’s rhetoric was divisive and dangerous, but said nothing when Biden delivered speeches demonizing his political opponents as “threats to our republic.” They complained about Trump’s trips to the golf course, but stayed silent as Biden racked up even more vacation days. They called Trump a racist for wanting to halt travel from China at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, but were quiet when Biden put restrictions on Chinese travel to the U.S. Now, as Biden is accused of the same infraction that supposedly justified an FBI raid of Trump’s home, the left is proving once again that it is not about policy or character; it is purely about politics and power. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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