Watch: High School Team’s Incredible Playoff Buzzer-Beater Gets Reversed, Sparking Outrage

Watch: High School Team’s Incredible Playoff Buzzer-Beater Gets Reversed, Sparking Outrage

There has always been a human element to sporting events, which oftentimes results in controversy.

The officiating of a Tuesday high school boys basketball playoff game in New Jersey showed how much the actions and opinions of officials can turn the tide of a game.

One team left an elimination game after they appeared to take a lead with a fraction of a second on the clock and will now sit home while their opponent plays for a state championship.

Manasquan High School took on much-favored Camden High School for a chance to advance and possibly take home a trophy, reported.

Camden trailed Manasquan by as many as 17 points during the game but pulled ahead by one point with just under six seconds left after making a pair of free throws.

Manasquan, trailing 46-45, had a chance to take the lead, and it appeared the boys did just that after a three-point attempt bounced off the rim but was rebounded and dropped in for two points that could have ended the game with only .3 seconds left on the clock.

The shot was counted, and Manasquan appeared to be on their way to advancing as the score stood at 47-46.

Then, the officials huddled for a moment and stunned nearly everyone in attendance.

Videos of what appeared to be the game-winning shot led many to conclude that Manasquan was robbed.

The officials waived off the shot, ruled there was no time left on the clock, and ended Manasquan’s season on a sour note.

The controversial decision was blasted by critics on the social media plaform X:

The shot in question was not reviewable, and no one appeared more upset about the outcome than Manasquan coach Andrew Bilodeau.

“They reversed the call. The referee in the C position in the middle signaled basket’s good. They huddled up, and then 15 kids got screwed in front of 1,000 people,” Bilodeau told reporters after the game.

The coach added, “Print that. Print it five times. Those three guys huddled up, and they screwed these kids in front of 1,000 people, and that video will be on the internet for everyone to see.”

Bilodeau gave credit to his team’s opponent for being “tough” and “well-coached,” but he concluded, “These guys beat Camden’s (butt) in front of everyone in this gym and everyone on TV … We outplayed them tonight, and everybody saw it. God bless you all.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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