Watch: Former Patriots Player Has Temper Tantrum After Stunning Defeat: ‘What the F*** Are We Doing?’

Former New England Patriots star receiver Julian Edelman was basically every Patriots fan on Sunday night. Was it mature? Becoming? Classy? Not in the least. But it’s hard to blame Patriots fans for feeling the way they did. First, the tantrum from the retired Patriots receiver:

WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language

“What the f*** are we doing!?” Edelman yelled. “What are we doing!?” He then proceeded to toss his hat in a tantrum not dissimilar from what my 2-year-old son does when I won’t let him have ice cream for dinner. Yes, the behavior is boorish and unbecoming of a three-time Super Bowl champion. But again, it’s hard to blame Edelman. The reason for his consternation stems from, quite possibly, one of the dumbest losses in Patriots history (maybe NFL history.) Here is the play in question that led to the Las Vegas Raiders beating the Patriots 30-24: In the play above, Patriots running back Rhamondre Stevenson and receiver Jakobi Meyers inexplicably began lateraling the football like the Stanford band was on the field.
Normally, you only go for these types of desperation laterals when you are down on the scoreboard and no time is left on the clock. Stevenson and Meyers got that half-right, as there was no time on the board. But the score was tied. You don’t use those hooks and laterals when the score is tied because of a worst-case scenario. Naturally, the worst-case scenario is what happened, as Meyers’ errant pass was intercepted by former Patriot linebacker Chandler Jones, who stiff-armed quarterback Mac Jones into oblivion on his ensuing touchdown run. Talk about adding insult to injury. The play not only cost the Patriots the game, but quite possibly a playoff berth. The failed lateral play is also notable because the Patriots’ entire 20-year run of dominance (winning six Super Bowls) has been characterized by “The Patriot Way.” One key tenet of “The Patriot Way” is never beating yourselves. This play was the complete and utter antithesis of not beating yourself. The Patriots fell to 7-7 with the loss and will need ample help to make the playoffs down the stretch. The Raiders, meanwhile, improved to 6-8, continuing a season that, until Sunday night, has largely been marred with disappointments. Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels, a former Patriots offensive coordinator, has actually already tied the Raiders record for most blown double-digit halftime leads with four in this inaugural season with them. Had the Patriots not beaten themselves in the most agonizing way imaginable, McDaniels would’ve had the record all to himself, and done it in nearly 100 fewer games. “What are we doing!?” indeed. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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