Watch: Fight Breaks Out Between 49ers Fans And Chiefs Fans in Las Vegas Casino

Watch: Fight Breaks Out Between 49ers Fans And Chiefs Fans in Las Vegas Casino

Emotions ran high on the field during Sunday’s Bowl, where Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce got in the face of coach Andy Reid, and in Las Vegas casinos.

Video showed a fight at an unnamed casino that featured fans wearing the colors of the Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers.

At one point in the brief video, a man is punched while being held in a headlock.

The fight broke out not long after the Chiefs won 25-22 in overtime, according to the New York Post.

As noted by the Daily Mail, fighting was in the cards over Super Bowl weekend.

Two women got into an argument, which led to pushing and shoving.

The Mail reported that one woman in the argument, who had somehow left her shoes behind, came at a woman with whom she had argued and started throwing punches.

The Mail noted that in two separate incidents, three men were fighting each other while two men squared off.

Multiple fan fights during the NFL season that led to some serious  injuries led to a debate over whether action might be needed.

Writing for the Daily Mail, Isabel Baldwin said it might be time to separate the fans by which team they support, as is done in European soccer where fans are sent to one side or another.

“But if this isn’t the big red flag waving itself right in front of the nose of commissioner Roger Goodell, what will it take for the NFL to wake up and take action?” she wrote.

“Even if fan separation is such a wildly drastic step in the American sporting mindset that it can’t even contemplated, the issue cannot go unanswered. The League must address the issue. At the very least, it cannot continue to maintain its silence,” she wrote.

“Concern for both fan and player safety is at an all-time high and the NFL needs to strike now. The NFL is hurtling towards the inevitable. If fan violence doesn’t decrease, supporter segregation may be the only option left,” she wrote.

In a commentary in The Washington Post, Candace Buckner pointed the finger in a different direction. She said there’s nothing new in fans going off the deep end.

“Mix alcohol consumption, three hours of watching hand-to-hand combat — which may influence a beer-drenched brain — some trash talk and sour feelings over what happened on the field, and boom. There’s a fight in the stands,” she wrote.

“What seems to be new, however, is the frequency of these fights. As concerning as they are, so is our warped delight in standing there and watching. And, then posting the clips in the hopes of going viral,” she wrote.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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