Watch: Elon Musk Invited to Speak Before Government Council About Big Tech Collusion

A Dutch member of the European Parliament wants Twitter owner Elon Musk to appear at a hearing to discuss the role of Big Tech in muzzling opinions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Rob Roos made the offer in a video he posted to Twitter on Saturday. “I would hereby like to invite @ElonMusk to provide testimony before the European Parliament. The subject: Big Tech censorship during #COVID. Did Big Tech collude with EU govts? Mr. Musk, your courage is needed to reveal the truth,” he tweeted. In the video, Roos offered his opinion that “one of the characteristic features COVID-19 pandemic was censorship and disinformation by governments.” “Disinformation about the nature of the virus. Disinformation about the supposed benefits of lockdowns and restrictions. Disinformation about the functioning of the vaccines,” he said. “Big Tech companies played a crucial role in this. They ruthlessly censored information, deleted accounts of dissenting scientists and shadowbanned critical voices. The people have a right to know what happened, to know which decisions were taken,” he said. “I deeply admire your courage in providing the much-needed transparency into Twitter’s decisions at the time,” he said, inviting Musk to a hearing at the European Parliament. Roos framed the pandemic as a dangerous time for democracy. “In times of crisis, we learn about how robust our democracy truly is,” he said. “During the COVID-19 pandemic, censorship posed a severe threat to the open discussion of facts that we should have in a democracy,” he said. Roos has been a member of the European Parliament since July 2019 and is a member of the JA21 political party. Last week, Musk was asked if he would have a “Twitter Files” episode about COVID-19 muzzling on Twitter. “Oh it is coming bigtime,” Musk replied. Musk has begun a project labeled the “Twitter Files” in which journalists hand-picked by Musk have released information concerning Twitter’s behind-the-scenes activities to muzzle speech on the platform, most recently concerning the ban of former President Donald Trump and links between the FBI and Twitter. Musk, whose trolling on Twitter helped make his account popular long before he bought the social media platform, later added a zinger aimed at Dr. Anthony Fauci, writing, “My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci.” This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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