Watch: Dolly Parton Grants Dying Man’s Bucket List Wish at Christmas

Watch: Dolly Parton Grants Dying Man’s Bucket List Wish at Christmas

Dolly Parton granted a terminally ill man a wish last week — one he never imagined would come true but that was delivered at just the right time.

LeGrand Gold of Orem, Utah, has been battling cancer for two years, according to KSL-TV.

Recently, he was told the disease was spreading and that he should go home, be with his family and enjoy his last holiday season.

So Gold created a bucket list that included a simple item: “Meet Dolly Parton.”

“I thought, ‘Well, it’s never going to happen,’” he told KSL.

But last week, just a few days before Christmas, that bucket list item was crossed off when Gold received a telephone call from a Tennessee number.

When he and his wife Alice answered, they were met on the other end of the line by the “Queen of Country” herself, who had gotten wind of Gold’s wish.

“Hey, LG! It’s Dolly P!” Parton said as Gold grinned from ear to ear. “I’ve heard you’ve been a fan of mine for many years and I just wanted to thank you for that.”

“I’m just happy to know that I’ve touched your life in some way, so thank you for honoring me with that,” she said.


Gold then told Parton how much her music has helped him deal with his health battle.

“You’ve been a huge help, especially these past two years,” he said.

After Parton wished the couple a happy holiday season, the legendary singer ended the call with one of her biggest hits.

“Just know that I will always love you,” Parton said as she broke out into song. “I will always love LG.”

Gold later told KSL he couldn’t believe his seemingly far-fetched Christmas wish had come to fruition.

“I feel like I’m immortal now.”

Gold also said he hoped to have enough time to check other items off his bucket list, including traveling to the Grand Canyon with his kids and cruising Alaska.

“I don’t want to pass away during the holidays,” he said.

But as for hearing from Parton, he said, “It was really cool. It made me feel good.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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