Watch: Dem Sec of State Deflects Question About Growing Muslim Anger Toward Biden, Blames Trump Instead

Watch: Dem Sec of State Deflects Question About Growing Muslim Anger Toward Biden, Blames Trump Instead

The Democratic Party — the world’s largest coalition of diabolical actors and useful idiots — has a significant problem.

In short, Arab-American and Muslim voters, outraged by what they perceive as President Joe Biden’s support for Israel in its war against Hamas in Gaza, have cast protest votes against Biden in the party’s presidential primaries.

When asked about the prospect of a similar protest vote in her state’s Tuesday primary, Wisconsin Secretary of State Sarah Godlewski tried shifting the focus onto former President Donald Trump, in the process proving that she belongs with the Democratic Party’s useful-idiot wing.

Godlewski’s comments came during a news conference where an unidentified female reporter asked the secretary of state to respond to the organized protesters’ goal of 20,000 “uninstructed” votes against Biden — a number, the reporter noted, roughly equivalent to Biden’s certified margin of victory in Wisconsin’s 2020 presidential election.

On Feb. 27, more than 100,000 Michigan Democratic primary voters chose “uncommitted” over Biden. Wisconsin’s neighbor to the east, Michigan boasts a large Arab-American population.

Godlewski’s predictable attack on Trump came sandwiched in between two lame and incoherent defenses of Biden’s statesmanship.

First, after lamenting the situation in Gaza as “terrible,” the unimpressive secretary of state touted the president for sending humanitarian aid and “being a leader on the world stage,” whatever that meant.

“This isn’t a unilateral decision that Joe Biden can just make,” she said without explaining what she meant by “this.” “It’s working in a larger coalition.”

Then, like all true party operatives, Godlewski shifted focus onto Trump. Of course she did. Aside from abortion, child mutilation and sacrificing the world’s poor on the altar of climate change, Democrats offer nothing else.

“And let’s not forget it was actually President Trump who started the ban on Muslims. That was something that he pushed,” she said, repeating a shopworn lie about the Republican presidential candidate.

Godlewski even borrowed a favorite phrase from Karine Jean-Pierre, the equally unimpressive White House press secretary.

“And so, something that President Biden has been very clear about is that he supports people’s right to voice their opinion and how they want to do that,” the secretary of state said.

She concluded by reiterating her earlier nonsensical endorsement of Biden’s statesmanship.

“I can tell you that President Biden is continuing to advocate on the world stage, which is exactly what we need,” Godlewski said.

In other words, she said nothing. And the people of Wisconsin, like the people of many other states, have a nincompoop in high office.

Readers with a high tolerance for political actors who insult their intelligence may view a clip of Godlewski’s comments below:

In politics, of course, the most useful idiots often ascend to positions of power. That fact presents a formidable argument for reducing the size of government or, in some cases, eliminating it altogether.

On a practical level, at least, Godlewski’s fumbling attempt at a response illustrated the depth of the Democrats’ problem.

According to RealClear Polling, the current average of polls in a head-to-head race shows Trump with a narrow lead of 1 percentage point over Biden nationwide. But that 1-point lead represents a nearly 7-point overall shift since April 2, 2020, when the same polling average showed Biden ahead of Trump by nearly 6 percentage points.

In short, Biden cannot afford an internal rebellion of any kind. But he certainly faces one.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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