Watch: Dem Presidential Candidate Photobombs MTG, Acts Ridiculous Live on Air

Watch: Dem Presidential Candidate Photobombs MTG, Acts Ridiculous Live on Air

Former Trump White House chief strategist Steve Bannon interviewed Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who appeared live from New Hampshire on Tuesday, the day on which the state held it’s first-in-the-nation primary.

But Greene wasn’t the only one who appeared during the segment.

Visible behind the Georgia Republican was Democratic presidential candidate Vermin Supreme, who might best be described as the documentary “Who Is Vermin Supreme?” did in 2014, as a “political prankster.”

In this case, his “prank” was mostly limited to standing in a window behind Greene, wearing his signature boot as a hat and lifting up his shirt to show his nipple.

Bannon had asked Greene for her “sense of what’s going on out there in the field” when Supreme appeared in the window behind her.

“Well, I think New Hampshire is going to show the country that we are going to elect President Trump in this primary,” she said.

Meanwhile, behind her, Supreme was showing the country his right breast.

It was difficult to tell if the straight-faced Bannon saw Supreme behind her, but Greene herself appeared oblivious to his presence throughout the short clip.

“Tonight, the primary is officially over for Nikki Haley, whether she’s ready to admit it or not,” Greene predicted, somewhat prematurely.

At that point, it appeared that someone had spoken to Supreme and told him to stop exposing himself, which he did, holding his hand out in a placating gesture and then showing a V with two fingers on each hand to communicate “peace.”

“She’s going to go to South Carolina and that will be the end of her political career, Steve,” Greene went on. “She’s going to be defeated tonight, but if she continues on, all the voters across the country are going to say, ‘Never Nikki, never again.'”

Greene did not explain what she meant by “never again,” since Haley has not been president or a presidential nominee before, but by that time in the interview, it’s fairly likely that more people were paying more attention to Supreme than Greene anyway.

You can watch the clip below.

Supreme is running for the Democratic presidential nomination this election cycle, and actually picked up 0.6 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s Democratic primary with about 94 percent of the votes counted, according to The New York Times.

He has run in every presidential election since 1992, according to Film Daily, identifying variously as an independent, anarchist, Democrat, Libertarian and Republican. He previously sat on the Judicial Committee of the Libertarian National Committee.

His campaign promises typically include instituting a mandatory tooth brushing law, increasing zombie apocalypse awareness, taxpayer funding of time travel research, and giving a free pony to every American.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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