Watch: CNN Host’s Reaction as GOP Rep. Sneaks in Brutal Dig at Network on Live TV

A Republican Congressman ended his appearance on CNN with a witty jab against the leftist news outlet, and the host had absolutely no idea how to respond. On Friday, Texas Republican Rep. Troy Nehls, who represents Texas’s 22nd District, appeared on Erin Burnett OutFront, where he discussed the ongoing battle on Capitol Hill regarding the position of speaker of the house. Nehls, who is backing Kevin McCarthy for the position, responded to Burnett’s question about whether there was anything that would “shake” his support for McCarthy, he give a testy response. “Listen, I don’t know if you’re aware of young lady, but I am also a member of the House Freedom Caucus. So I am one of those America First patriots,” he told Burnett, “And I have said to my friends, my colleagues in the Freedom Caucus that I don’t believe that this is the battle we should be waging. I think the real battle starts when we start drafting legislation and policy in the 118th Congress under a Speaker McCarthy.” When Burnett said that she would take being called “young lady” as a compliment, Nehls responded, “Of course it was, this is my first time on the Clinton News Network.” “Clinton News Network”, of course, is an old insult used by Donald Trump and his supporters to draw attention to the fact that CNN was vocal in their pro-Democrat, anti-Trump reporting. Burnett (who, ironically, was an occasional guest judge on Trump’s old show, “The Apprentice”) seemed rather taken aback by this response, saying, “That I will say was a bit, in my opinion, rude.” Unsurprisingly, some Twitter users attacked Nehls’s ultimately harmless joke. But others found it hilarious, and a magnificent jab at the notoriously left-leaning news outlet. This insult does have some truth in it. Over the past few years, CNN has been nothing more than just a loyal media cheerleader for the Democratic Party, parroting every leftist talking point. They have been quick to demonize Trump and conservative Republicans as “dangerous extremists”, threatening “our democracy” while ignoring the extreme leftist ideas of many in their own party. A news outlet is supposed to report on the facts of the news, allow for both sides of the story to come out, and let the audience decide for themselves what to think. Instead, CNN is relentlessly pushing left-wing propaganda down the throats of its viewers. Unless they take steps to truly become impartial and nonpartisan (unlikely, to say the least), then the claim that CNN is the “Clinton News Network” will always have some truth in it. This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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