Watch: Christian Singer’s Tender New Song, ‘Christmas Feels Different This Year’, Says What We’re All Thinking

Watch: Christian Singer’s Tender New Song, ‘Christmas Feels Different This Year’, Says What We’re All Thinking

The ache of a life shredded then missed is one of the worst pains imaginable. It is a suffering and despair that is both unforgettable and highly relatable, especially today.

To explain it, one must live it. Curb | Word Entertainment singer, songwriter and pop artist Sarah Reeves obviously has.

She has captured her own familiarity with this feeling in a new holiday track called “Christmas Feels Different This Year.” The tender song dropped in October as part of Reeves’ “More the Merrier Deluxe Edition” album. It’s been striking a chord with listeners ever since.

The song is a tribute to moving through despair without sugarcoating it, a budding anthem that weaves within its emotionally evocative lyrics a push to never give up. Reeves captures the human spirit in every word, underscored by a melancholy melody that tugs at your heartstrings.

It is one of four new Christmas songs from the collection, according to The Reeves’ divorce became the personal catalyst to an expression of the heart that is resonating with many.

After all, beyond our individual, lesser known challenges, it is undeniable that we’ve experienced collective loss as a nation since Biden became president in 2020. The fabric of the United States has been shredded.

We’ve been forcefully divorced from our roots, from each other, from the absolute conviction that our nation could never fall like prior empires before us.

That has all seemingly gone away in the blink of an eye, but really over many years of deliberate planning by the Democrats, global elites, and cooperative entities. All we can do now is wait it out.

That’s until the day we figure it out, not too dissimilar to Reeves in her own predicament. It is the reason her snappy song has harbored such momentum.

For conservatives especially, it is no longer a wonderful life living in the United States. Plenty wish we would wake up on Christmas morning to find a new president and governing party sitting under the Christmas tree. It’s difficult to focus on the joys of Christmas when every moment leading up to it is spinning out of control, fast tracking us to oblivion. Or so it feels anyway.

Bidenomics is a flop. The border is overrun. Police are being defunded. Election integrity is in question.

The nation is warring internally and bleeding dollars externally. Somehow the government continues to get paid for nothing, while Americans work for everything and get nothing.

The United States is on the brink of war … and not just a little one, World War III. And terror groups are being rebranded as freedom fighters in our streets and on our most prestigious college campuses. If that isn’t enough, children are under attack. Basic biology is no longer basic. And a real education is hard to find.

Families, friendships, freedom, and faith are all taxed beyond belief. COVID remains on the loose. Communication is polarized or silenced. And segregation, theft, and drug usage are the new community-wide programs.

Not even Pfizer could create a vaccine to fix the illness ruining our nation. Or might I say, especially Pfizer couldn’t. We’ve seen the quality of their work.

The entire kit and kaboodle is leaving kids to hide behind technology and people to jump off roofs at a rate nearly as extreme as 1941 — 14.3 suicides per every 100,000 people in 2022, to be exact, according to USA Today.

The nation is underwater. Is it any wonder that Reeves is spot on when she says “Christmas feels different this year?” It is different. Very different.


What isn’t, however, is our collective opportunity to take stock of today so as to make positive changes for tomorrow and specifically, 2024. This, we always have control over. We could also dip into the Bible for some direction as well. There are plenty of helpful stories there, reminders that the day may be new but this story isn’t. Far from it, actually. On that note, make sure you watch Sarah Reeves video, “Christmas Feels Different This Year.” It’s well worth the listen.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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