Watch: Anti-Trump John Bolton Tells CNN He Won’t Vote Trump or Biden, Reveals Name He Voted for in 2020 Who’ll Be His Pick Now

Watch: Anti-Trump John Bolton Tells CNN He Won’t Vote Trump or Biden, Reveals Name He Voted for in 2020 Who’ll Be His Pick Now

Former United States National Security Advisor John Bolton has revealed who he voted for in 2020.

In an interview with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins on Wednesday, Bolton revealed his vote in 2020 was a write-in for former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Additionally, Bolton said, he would be voting for Cheney again this November.

Needless to say, this is a pretty absurd choice, and it only goes to show just how out of touch Bolton is with mainstream conservatism.

In reference to the former President Donald Trump’s disputing the 2020 election results, Bolton said, “I think people want to move on from 2020, even most Republicans, although they don’t seem to realize it.”

He went further in, claiming that focusing on that election “will work to Biden’s advantage, and he’s unpopular enough he desperately needs it.”

When questioned by Collins about who he would write-in for the upcoming election, Bolton revealed his choice. “I might as well say it now, I voted for Dick Cheney.”

This remark was met with a “wow” by Collins before Bolton insisted, “And I’ll vote for Dick Cheney again this November.”

Bolton said he believes Cheney would “do an immensely better job than either Trump or Biden,” referring to Cheney as a “principled Reaganite Conservative” whose “age doesn’t disqualify him.”

Collins asked Bolton if Cheney’s daughter, former Republican Rep. Liz Cheney, would be an option, to which Bolton replied, “Maybe someday she’ll get my write-on vote, too.”

Bolton said he hoped that by choosing Cheney, he could stop Trump and President Joe Biden from being successful this November.

Bolton is clearly delusional if he thinks anyone will hear this and honestly support someone with the last name Cheney going near the presidency.

Yet, it makes sense why Bolton would support a warmonger like Cheney.

Bolton once bragged to CNN’s Jake Tapper about helping to plan coups in other countries.

Bolton has totally lost the plot. Mainstream conservatives do not want warmongering public servants who dump billions of tax dollars into foreign conflicts.

They do not want to see our men and women in the military sent off to die fighting someone else’s wars.

Bolton is living in the past if he truly thinks Cheney has any chance whatsoever.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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