Vivek Ramaswamy Calls Out Chris Cuomo in Brutal Clash on Live TV

Vivek Ramaswamy Calls Out Chris Cuomo in Brutal Clash on Live TV

There was a day when the establishment media was objective. At that time, I could understand when the faces of them switched networks. Because news was objective, credibility wasn’t lost by them in doing so.

Today, however, there is nothing objective about establishment media. Switching sides and reinventing yourself like a chameleon exudes dishonesty to viewers. In an industry that has traded truth for dollars, ratings, and allegiance to the Democratic Party and the liberal agenda, trust is gone.

According to Gallop and Knight Foundation survey released in February, “23% of respondents believed the journalists were acting in the public’s best interests,” while 50 percent of those polled believed that national news organizations “intend to mislead, misinform or persuade the public.”

This reality is exactly what current Republican presidential primary contender Vivek Ramaswamy pointed out in an interview Monday with NewsNation host Chris Cuomo. Sparks were flying.

In a heated debate masked as an interview, Ramaswamy accused Cuomo of rebranding himself as a neutral journalist to meet the needs of his new employment. The former CNN lefty, who maintained his allegiance to his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, during the sexual harassment and nursing home atrocities portion of the Cuomo administration tenure, attempted to defend his new gig and personality through excuses of family loyalty and needed work.

In doing so, he justified Ramaswamy’s criticism of him and his “spin the wheel” political journalism. Ramaswamy then broadened that criticism to apply to the establishment media in totality.

Specific to Cuomo covering for his brother, Ramaswamy stated in the interview, “You know what, that’s been journalistic standards that have been failed. Not just by you, but by every member of the broken political media. So yes, it is going to take an outsider to call it out.”

Cuomo took exception on behalf of all of the establishment media.

Ramaswamy refused to back down in his assertion of the transgressions perpetrated by the establishment media.

He accused both the left and establishment media of propping up his primary campaign rival Nikki Haley because he claimed she represents what the Democratic Party and RINOs truly want. This includes war and national debt expansion at the cost of the lives of our kids. Plenty of conservatives and Americans feel this way.

“No one wants to go back to Dick Cheney 2.0,” Ramaswamy describes the situation, cleverly and clearly.

To Cuomo’s credit, he listened to a point. He also highlighted a huge misjudgment of Ramaswamy’s in publicly attacking Haley’s 24-year-old daughter during last week’s Republican primary debate in Miami.

Everyone knows kids are off-limits. These kinds of moves will cast doubt on Ramaswamy’s ability to control himself in the heat of the moment, in my opinion.

That said, plenty of Americans agree with Ramaswamy in his framing of the role the establishment media has played in the destruction of the United States, not to mention their influence on the 2020 presidential election. This reality is the reason why so many are turning to alternate, more unconventional platforms for news.

They’d rather depend on other people and retrieve news from other countries to understand what is going on at home. Social media has made all this possible. Americans are no longer content to live in a forced vacuum.

Ramaswamy notes this movement to social media news gathering toward the end of their fiery interview, putting Cuomo in his place. His words compelled Cuomo to blurt out, “Nikki Haley is my Trojan horse?”

It was done in an attempt to clap back at Ramaswamy and his astute characterization of establishment media.

Little did Cuomo know, he was proving Vivek’s point the whole time.

Now, Ramaswamy needs to refocus back to policy, in my view, and let the establishment media get back to eating its own.

We all know the score.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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