Viral Video: Barking Man’s Bizarre Tirade Over McDonald’s Pokémon Cards Erupts in Fist Fight

Viral Video: Barking Man’s Bizarre Tirade Over McDonald’s Pokémon Cards Erupts in Fist Fight

A McDonald’s customer in Truro, Nova Scotia, threatened to sue the fast food chain after he was given a toy donkey instead of the advertised Pokémon cards in his Happy Meal order.

According to a video shared on YouTube, as soon as he learned that there were not any Pokémon cards left, he demanded a refund for his food and a reimbursement of his $6 donation.

As he was convinced there were plenty of toys in store, he blamed the manager for lying to him “on Sunday, on God’s day.”

“You are behaving worse than my disabled children, I’ll tell you that,” the woman who was filming the scene told the man.

“I’m being targeted,” the man responded, adding that he was “sober” and  “a wise, wise man.” He said he was only making a scene because the manager was being “bad” to him.

It was at this point that a Buffalo Bills fan, wearing a Josh Alley jersey, got tired of the holdup and walked up to the counter to place his order.

However, things took a turn when the angry customer engaged him, too.

“I would like a burger please, buddy,” the Bills fan began his order.

“Not until I get my money back,” the out-of-control customer responded.

The two then began a verbal back-and-forth, resulting in the Bills fan threatening the enraged man: “Dude, I will knock you the f*** out.”

The McDonald’s manager came from behind the counter to separate the men for a moment, but the two kept up their verbal sparring, with the Bills fan telling the unruly man to meet him outside and that he was “a cornered dog.”

At that, the other man began to bark loudly at the Bills fan as he walked towards him, then a fistfight erupted between the two.

The scuffle was stopped for a moment as it appeared the Bills fan had been bitten above his eye, but the other customer was enraged, throwing his backpack off and yelling, “You hit me, and I hurt you. I’m ready to bite you.”

However, the fight did not end there, according to the U.K. Daily Mail. The two men argued again before the Allen fan hurled a chair at the other.

He then stormed out of the building with the other guy’s backpack.

According to Daily Mail, there is no indication whether the police were involved or if arrests were made after the incident.

As hosts Rayyvana and Dina Doll discussed on the YouTube channel “Indisputable,” all people have bad days sometimes, but thankfully, they do not always “give in to those impulses and begin barking at strangers in a McDonald’s.”

Dina Doll discussed further, that this viral video might spread a negative reputation about American tourists being entitled and rude, acting like “Karens” when they go abroad.

She is worried that tourists like a barking guy, do not do well for the rest — “friendly Americans” — giving them a bad name.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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